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L2 ICT questions FTO

Typical level 2 questions for functional skills

When might you need to go into your network settings? To check your internet connection.
How can you minimise loss of data caused by a computer virus? Have up to date virus protection and back up your work.
State two ways a Trojan Horse or Malware may effect your computer. slow your computer down, copy what your are typing and transmit this to an outside source including login details to secure sites.
If you are visually impaired how can you make changes to the display to help? Adjust the font size, modify the colour scheme or magnify screen.
Why shouldn't you store confidential information on a memory stick? In case the memory stick is lost others could gain access to sensitive information which is against the data protection act.
When would you use * in an internet search? This is a wildcard search and used when you only have part of the information.
Once a USB stick has been infected with a virus, how can you make it safe to use again? Use your antivirus software to clean the memory stick or fix problems.
What is the right click function for on the mouse? Copy, cut, paste, or change the font.
What does the term public domain mean? Documents that are online and can be viewed by anyone.
Name two devices which are both input and output headsets, modems, touch screens, or fax machine.
You have saved a file but can only remember part of the name. How can you use wildcards to locate the file? use a * at the beginning or end of the word.
What kind of information can be stored on an iPod Videos, audio files, music and photos.
What function do you use to send emails to lots of people but not share their email addresses? BCC which stands for Blind Carbon Copy.
Created by: DawnBunnFTO