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Points Review

When differentiating between SP and ST pathologies, the ST should be considered when the patient has symptoms (a long time/shortly) after eating? Shortly
Name a few symptoms associated with pathology of the external course of the ST channel. Fever, flushed face, sweating, clouding spirit, agitation, aversion to cold, pain in eyes, lesions of lips and mouth, chest pain, redness and swelling of the lower limb.
What is the origin of the ST channel? LI 20
What is the location of ST 45? On the lateral side of the second toe, 0.1 cun posterior to the corner of the nail.
How is ST 1, Cheng Qi, Tear Container needled? Ask patient to close eyes and look upward. Push eyeball upwards and insert needle between the eyeball and inferior wall of the orbit, 05 – cun pp
ST 2 is great to clear ________. Heat
ST 3 is useful in treating _________ pain. Sinus
ST 4 dispels ________. Wind
ST 7 opens the portals and sharpens _________. Hearing
ST 5 and ST 6 both serve to benefit the _________. Jaw
ST 8 is great to treat ________. Headache
ST 9 can be used for __________. Hypertension
ST 11 is a go to point for __________. Hiccups
ST 16 is useful in the treatment of _________. Mastitis
ST 19 is a go to point when your patient is experiencing ________. Acid reflux
ST 23 and ST 24 are both useful when there is a clear correlation between issues of ST with the _______. Shen
ST 22 can be used to treat involuntary discharge of ________. Urine
ST 27 is the only point on the channel the can supplement the __________. Kidney
ST 30 regulates the ___________ Vessel. Penetrating
ST 30 subdues this unique syndrome: ___________. Running piglet
ST 31 is known as the gate of the _______. Leg
ST 38 is an empirical point for the treatment of the ____________. Shoulder
ST 40 is the principle point to treat any _________. Phlegm
ST 42 and ST 43 are both effective to treat _________ of the face. Swelling
ST 45 is a key point to discharge all ____________ ________. Yangming Heat
What 2 categories does ST 9 belong to? Window of Heaven & Sea of Qi (also Meeting ST & GB)
What is the location of ST 5? Anterior to the angle of the mandible, on the anterior portion of the masseter, in groove-like depression appearing when the cheek is bulged.
What caution must be taken when needling ST 9? Avoid puncturing the carotid artery which must be held laterally during needling
What caution must be taken when needling ST 12 and ST 13? Avoid puncturing subclavian artery and Lung
ST 12 Que Pen, Empty Basin is the meeting point of... ST, LI, SI, SJ & GB
Name 2 functions and matching indications for ST 12. Diffuses and Downbears Lung Qi: Pain, cough, asthma. Free the Channels and Quicken the Connecting Vessels: Any regional pain - neck, ribside, shoulder. Regulate Qi and Blood: Breathing, coughing of blood
Name 2 functions and matching indications for ST 18, Ru Gen, Breast Root. Emergency Angina: Heart Attack -Left side -Great Lou, & pre heart attack symptoms-acid reflux, upset stomach. Diffuses the Connecting Vessels: Lactation. Quickens the Blood Reduces Swelling: Painful Mastitis
Name 2 functions and matching indications for ST 21 Liang Men, Beam Gate. Harmonize Stomach and Intestines: Borborygmus, gas, bloating. Transforms Accumulations and Stagnation: Ulcers, gallstones. Fortifies the Spleen: Poor appetite, diarrhea. Regional Prolapse: Liver attacking Stomach
At what point does the ST channel move for 4 cun lateral to the Ren channel to 2 cun lateral from the Ren channel? ST 19
What is the front Mu point of the LI? ST 25
Name 2 functions and matching indications for ST 25, Tian Shu, Celestial Pivot. Regulates Qi & Blood: Painful menses and ovulation, Infertility. Regulates Large Intestine:constipation, diarrhea. Supports Sp/St: Abdominal pain, damp stagnation. Clears Heat in ST and LI: Thirst, red tongue. Relieve Food accumulation: Gas, bloating
Which 3 ST points benefit the lower jiao? ST 28, ST 29 & ST 30
What is the Xi Cleft of the ST channel and where is it located? ST 34 - When knee is flexed, the point is 2 cun above the laterosuperior border of the patella
What is the most emphasized point on the ST channel, and possibly on the entire body? ST 36, Zu San Li, Leg Three Li
Name 4 functions for ST 36. Rectifies Sp/St -Harmonizes Intestines and Disperses Stagnation -Supports the correct and Banks up the Origin -Supplements Qi and nourishes yin and blood -Breaks Thoracic Blood Stasis-Courses Wind & Transforms Damp -Dispels Pathogens & Prevents Disease
What 3 categories does ST 36 belong to? He-Sea Point, Command Point of the Abdomen & Sea of Nourishment
Lower He Sea of the LI and a Sea of Blood point? ST 37
What other function, in addition to transforming phlegm, is ST 40, Feng Long Bountiful Bulge, useful for? Calm the Spirit (via clearing phlegm from the HT)
What is the Lou connecting point of the ST channel? ST 40
What point is the Great Lou of the ST channel? ST 18
What is the location of ST 42? Distal to ST 41, at the highest point of the dorsum of the foot, in the depression between the second and third metatarsal bones and the cuneiform bone.
The spleen governs the flesh and limbs and opens into the ________. Mouth
The back Shu of the SP is... UB 20
The back Shu point of the ST is... UB 21
What point is the Great Lou of the SP channel? SP 21
What is the principle point to stop bleeding with moxa? Sp 1, Yin Bai, Hidden White
Name 2 Functions for SP 1. Regulates and manages the blood - Supports and warms the SP - Calms the heart and spirit
What is the location of SP 2, the Ying Spring fire point? Medial side of great toe, distal & inferior to first metatarsodigital joint, at junction of red & white skin.
What is the Horary point of the SP channel? Sp 3 (also the Yuan Source & Shu Stream)
Name 2 functions and matching indications for Sp 4, Gong Sun, Yellow Emperor. Supports the SP/ST: Abdominal pain, borborygmus, bloating, vomiting. Rectify Qi Dynamic: Diarrhea, gastric discomfort. Regulates the Sea of Blood: All gynecological, regulates menses
Name 4 functions for SP 6, San Yin Jiao, Three Yin Intersection. Assists Movement and Transformation -Supplement & Harmonizes SP Earth -Courses the Lower Burner -Regulates Blood Qi and the Palace of Essence -Moves LV Qi Stagnation -Regulates Contraction During Labor -Yin Vacuity
Name 2 functions and matching indications for SP 9, Yin Ling Quan, Yin Mound Spring. Regulates Spleen and Transforms Damp: Diarrhea, edema. Warms & Moves the Central Burner: Abdominal pain, distention. Regulates the Waterways: Dysuria, enuresis,incontinence. Regulates the Lower Jiao:Dysmenorrhea, pain in external genitillia
Which 2 categories is Sp 4 in? Lou Connecting & Confluent Point of Chong Mai
What is the location of SP 5? In depression distal & inferior to medial malleolus, midway b/w tuberosity of navicular bone & tip of medial malleolus
Which Sp point is contraindicated in pregnancy? SP 6
The Xi cleft point of the channel and useful to invigorate blood. SP 8
Which point on the SP channel is helpful in treating blood heat rashes and sores? SP 10
What is the location of SP 12? Superior to lateral end of inguinal groove, lateral to the pulsating external iliac artery, at level of upper border of symphysis pubis, 3.5 cun lateral to Ren
What is the location of SP 13? 4 cun below umbilicus, 0.7 laterosuperior to Sp 12, 4 cun lateral to Ren
What is the location of SP 14? 1.3 cun below Sp 15, 4 cun lateral to Ren, on lateral side of rectus abdominis
What is the location of SP 16? 3 cun above umbilicus, 4 cun lateral to Ren 11
Which point on the SP channel is often paired with ST 25? SP 15, Da Heng, Great Horizontal
Which point on the SP channel is useful for both diarrhea and constipation (due to cold damp obstruction)? SP 15
Which intercostal space is SP 17 in? 5th intercostal space, 6 cun lateral to Ren
These three points on the SP channel are all useful in hypochondriac pain. SP 18, SP 19 & SP 20
What are the vacuity and repletion signs for the great Lou of the SP? Repletion: Whole body pain, bi syndromes, arthritis. Vacuity: Muscular atrophy, flaccidity, weakness of body
What is the unique function of SP 21, Da Bao, Great Embracement? It "irrigates the 4 sides" (Regulate qi and blood, moves fluids and regulates the waterways)
Is bruising a pathological sign of the SP organ or channel? Organ
ST tends to ____________ and SP tends to __________. ST: Repletion - SP: Vacuity
Where do the SP and LV channels cross? 8 cun superior to the medial malleolus
The LV channel begins (anterior/posterior) to the SP channel and after crossing is (anterior/posterior)? Begins anterior and crosses to be posterior to SP (between SP and KD)
Phone number for SP 348-
Phone number for ST 42.40.34-
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