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Extra Points.

Points Review

4 points at the vertex of the scalp, grouped around Baihui Du 20 & located 1 cun anterior, posterior & lateral to it. Sishencong,Four Alert Spirit
.5 to 1 cun lateral to the depression below the spinous process of C7: Calms dyspnea & wheezing & stops cough Dingchuan, Calm Dyspnea
.5-1 cun lateral to the depressions below the spinous processes of the thoracic & lumbar vertebrae: Regulates & harmonizes the 5 zang & 6 fu Huatuojiaji, Hua Tuo’s Paravertebral Points
At highest point of naso-labial groove,in depression immediately below nasal bone: Benefits the nose Bitong, penetrating the nose
Anterior aspect of shoulder joint, midway between axillary crease and LI 15 (tender spot):activates Qi & Blood, benefits shoulder joint Jianqian (Jianneiling)
Along inferior border of orbit, at junction of lateral ¼ and medial ¾ of infra-orbital margin: Benefits the eyes Qiuhuo, behind the ball
On the lower abdomen. Construct an equilateral triangle of which the apex is the umbilicus, and the sides are equal to the length of the patient’s smile. These points are located at the three points of the triangle. Moxa only:chronic diarrhea San Jiao Jiu , Triangle Moxibustion
3 cun lateral to Ren 3, Zhong Ji. Raises & regulates qi:Prolapse of uterus. Regulates menstruation: Infertility Zi Gong Xue, Infant’s Palace Point
On the lower abdomen, 4 cun lateral to the midline, level with Ren 4.Raises & regulates qi: Uterine prolapse Ti Tuo, Lift & Support
At the tender point approximately 2 cun distal to ZuSanLi, St 36 on the right leg: Acute and chronic appendicitis Lan Wei Xue, Appendix
In the hollows formed when the knee is flexed, immediately below the patella and both medial & lateral to the patellar ligament. Lateral is identical to Du Bi, St 35: Any knee disorder Xi Yan , Eyes of the Knee
3 cun proximal to the superior border of the patella, in a tender depression on the bulge of the vastus medialis muscle: Itching Bai Chong Wo, Hundred Insect Burrow
Created by: ElisaDanger