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Ren and Du

Points Review

Which point on the body is best to regulate the anterior and posterior yin? Ren 1
Front Mu of the LV Ren 2
Name one function for the front Mu point of the UB Ren 3 Dis-inhibits the bladder
Which point is especially good to fortify the original qi and benefit the essence? Ren 4, Guan Yuan, Origin Pass
Front Mu of the SJ Ren 5
Which point on the Ren channel serves to both bank the KD and regulate all menstrual issues? Ren 6, Qi Hai, Sea of Qi
Contraindicated in needling, but frequently used to warm and harmonize the intestines Ren 8, Shen Que, Spirit Tower
Which point on the Ren channel regulates the water passages? Ren 9, Shui Fen
Which points are the known as the "3 Venters"? Ren 10, 12 & 13
Front Mu point of the HT Ren 14
What is the Lou Connecting point on the Ren channel? Ren 15
This point can regulate qi to unbind the chest and is also beneficial to aid lactation. This very usful point is also a Sea of Qi point and is the front Mu of the PC. Ren 17, Shan Zhong, Chest Center
Which point is on the anterior midline, in the center of the sternal manubrium? Ren 21, Xuan Ji, Jade Pivot
This is a very strong Ren point to disinhibit the throat and is commonly used for stroke patients. Ren 22, Tian Tu, Celestial Chimney
Which Ren point is useful for salivation problems and in the treatment of neck cancer? Ren 23
This point harmonizes the two sides of the face and is useful for Bell's Palsy Ren 24
Which point is best to supplement or drain the Yang of the entire body? Du 1
What is the Lou Connecting point on the Du Channel? Du 1
If Du one is inaccessible, Du 2 is often used instead. What is the location of Du 2? In the hiatus of the sacrum
This Du point can be used in place of Du 4 if the patient constitution is weak. Du 3
Name 2 functions and matching indications for Du 4, Ming Men, Life Gate. Banks the Origin & Supplements the Kidney: Lumbago, impotence. Secures Essence: Vaginal discharge, irregular menstruation. Courses the Channels & Regulates the Qi:Weak spine
Which point on the Du is useful in treating jaundice? Du 9
Which point on the Du can help with sinew related problems and is in line with the LV Shu, UB 18? Du 8
Which Du point is excellent to use when treating furuncles because it detoxifies poison? Du 10
Which point on the Du channel tonifys the HT and calms the Spirit? Du 11
This Du point is good for either internal or external pathogens. Du 12
Name 2 functions and matching indications for Du 14, Da Zhui, Great Hammer. Courses the Exterior Pathogens in Yang Channels: heat diseases. Frees the Yang Qi of the Whole body: Back pain, HA, fever, stiffness of neck, vacuity sweating. Clears the HT & Quiets the Spirit: Epilepsy
This Du point benefits the tongue and treats muteness, it is a very dangerous point to needle because of it's location. Du 15, is located .5 cun above the midpoint of the post hairline, in the depression below the SP of C1
This point is where the Du enters the brain, it is also a sea of marrow point, a window of heaven point, and a ghoast point. Du 16
What is the location of Du 18? Midline of the head, 1.5 cun above Du 17, midway btw Du 16 and Du 20
Name 2 functions and matching indications for Du 20 Bai Hui, Hundred Convergences. Pacifies Wind & subdues Yang: HA, dizziness. Nourishes the Sea of Marrow: Essence vacuity; dementia, memory loss. Benefits Brain and calms Spirit:calm the shen and clear the mind
What is the location of Du 22? 2 cun posterior to midpoint of anterior hairline,3 cun anterior to Du 20
What are the 3 ghoast points on the Du channel? Du 16, 23 & 26
The "hangover point" Du 25
Which point on the Du channel can be used for low back pain if the back is inaccessible to needle? Du 26, Ren Zhong, Man's Middle
Which point on the Du channel would be your first choice to restore consciousness? Du 26, Ren Zhong, Man's Middle
This Du ghoast point is great for any nose issues. Du 23
Which Du point both powerfully calms and benefits the nose? Du 24
This Du point can be used in psychiatry for sever mental illness, though you may have difficulty getting to the point in an emergent situation. Du 28
Created by: ElisaDanger