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SJ Points


What are 3 generalized functions of the SJ channel? Reduce fever, Benefit the ears, Clear heat, Soothe heart & calm spirit, Treat headaches, Harmonize 3 jiaos
What is the metal point? SJ 1
Which point is used when the patient has a bitter taste in their mouth? SJ 1
What is the location of SJ 2? Between the ring and pinkie fingers, 0.5 cun proximal to the web margin (located w/ a loose fist made)
Which point is best to treat a swollen throat? SJ 2
Which point is best to treat malaria? SJ 3
What is the yuan-source point? SJ 4
Between which 2 tendons is SJ 4 located? Extensor digitorum communis & extensor digiti minimi
Which point treats wasting & thirsting? SJ 4
Which point treats carpal tunnel syndrome? SJ 4
What is the pinyin and english for SJ5? Wai Guan, Outer Pass
What 2 categories does SJ 5 belong to? 1. Luo-connecting point 2.Confluent point of Yang Wei Mai
Which point is best to treat an exterior condition? SJ 5
SJ 5 is located___ cun proximal to the wrist crease 2
Which point is paired with ST 36 to relieve constipation? SJ 6
Which is the horary point? SJ 6
Which 2 point are both 3 cun proximal from the wrist crease? SJ 6 & SJ 7
Which is the xi-cleft point? SJ 7
SJ 8 is located ___cun proximal to the wrist crease. 4
SJ 9 is located ___ cun proximal to the wrist crease. 7
Which point is the he-sea point? SJ 10
Which is the primary point to treat scrofula? SJ 10
SJ 11 is ___cun proximal to SJ 10. 1
SJ 12 is located ___cun proximal to SJ 10 and ___cun distal to SJ 14. 4, 6
This point is located where the line drawn between SJ 10 and 14 meets the posterior border of the deltoid, approx. 2/3 the distance between these 2 points. SJ 13
This point is located at the origin of the deltoid, in the depression lying posterior and inferior to the lateral extremity of the acromion. SJ 14
This point dispels wind and overcomes damp to relieve heaviness of the shoulder. SJ 14
SJ 15 is located between which 2 points? GB 21 & SI 13
This point is the meeting point with the Yang Likning Vessel SJ 15
SJ 16 is located between which 2 points? UB 10 & SI 17
This point reduces swelling and stops pain for facial swelling. SJ 16
What is the pinyin and english for SJ 17? Yi Feng, Wind Screen
Name 4 point that can treat tinnitus. SJ 3,SJ 5, SJ 6, SJ 17, SJ 18, SJ 19, SJ 20, SJ 21, SJ 22
This point treats swelling of the cheek, tinnitus, deafness, clenched jaw, and TMJ. SJ 17
This point treats infantile convulsions. SJ 18
This point is located directly level with the apex of the ear when the ear is folded forward. SJ 20
This point is used for toothache and pain in the gums and lips. SJ 20
What 3 point are located directly anterior to the ear? SJ 21, SI 19, GB 2
Name 1 point that treats TMJ SJ 17, SJ 22
What is the pinyin and english for SJ 23? Si Zhu Kong, Silken Bamboo Hole
This point is located in the depression on the supraorbital margin, at the lateral end of the eyebrow. SJ 23
This point treats facial paralysis and Bell's Palsy SJ 23
This point treats visual dizziness, pain and swelling of the eyes, and twitching of the eyelid. SJ 23
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