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Role Delineation/etc

Fundamentals Test 1

Ethics a careful systematic study of morality or a set of guidelines and standards that strive to protect human rights
Negligence departure form the standard of due care toward others resulting in an accident or mishap
Malpractice a form of negligence
Fraud intentional perversion of the truth
Malpractice professional found to not have followed an established standard of care including proper training, skills and diligence
Negligence failure to meet moral obligations, including the failure to guard against risks of harm to others
Reprimand formal expression of disapproval
Censure public expression of disapproval
Suspension removal of membership for a long time
Revocation permanent denial of memebership
Accreditation is the method by which an organization or program receives credentialing
ACOTE Accreditation Council for OT Educations; foster development and accreditation educating programs
Types of misconduct sexual misconduct, fraudulent documentation, professional incompetence and plagiarism
WNL WFL HEP AROM DC within normal limits within functional limits home exercise program active range of motion discharge
Ethical Attitudes Altruism, Equality, Freedom, Justice, Dignity, Truth and Prudence
Scope of Practice skills that licensed healthcare providers are trained to do
Domain the focus of OT; "What we do"
Process the delivery of OT; "How we do OT"
Methods or Strategies Establishment (remediation or restoration of a skill or ability that has not be developed or impaired)and Compensation (modification or adaptation of activity or environment to enhance) performance
Methods or Srategies Maintain and enhancement of capabilities Health and well promotion to enhance or enable Prevention of barriers to performance
Evaluation Factors Client Factors, Habits, Routines and Roles, Cultural, Physical, Social, Spiritual, and Environmental Performance skills, including motor, communication process, interaction
OT Aide May NOT provide skilled OT services, perform an activity which requires professional judgement of an OT, develop or plan client treatment plans or develop DC plans
6 Levels of OT Personnel Entry level OT and OTA, Experienced OT and OTA, Specialized practitioner, administrator, researcher or instructor
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