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All of History

history exam prep

Operation Barbarossa Germany's unsuccessful invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941-1942 which broke the non-aggression pact and ultimately led to Soviet Union joining the Allies
Chanak Affair Sept. 1922- threatened attack by Turkish troops on Brits and French troops to guard Dardanelles neutral zone. - Major factor of statute of westminster 1931- determinded British Commonwealth independence in their foreign policy
Halibut Treaty March 2, 1923- Canadian-American agreement concerning fishing rights in N. Pacific Ocean-independently negotiated and signed by Canadian government-important step towards establishment of Canada's right to separate diplomatic action
King Byng Crisis Canadian constitutional crisis-1926-Lord Byng refused P.M King's' want to an election to spare scandal gripped government
Massey Commission Royal Commission on National Development in the ARts, Letters & Sciences, appointed by fed gov. by order in council April 9, 1949. Vincent Massey-Chairman-noted phenominal growth of music in Canada
Korean War War that started June 25, 1950, Military forces of N. Korea crossed 38th parallel into S Korea. Canada and other U.N. members contributed combat forces- 26000 Canadian served in war
National Energy Program energy policy of Canadian Gov.- was created under Liberal government of PM Trudeau- 1980s
100 Days Campaign Allied campaign that brought an end to WW1- included many battles most notably Battle of Amiens. Was final push that brough war to an end in favour of the allies
Totalitarian a person advocating to system of government that centralizes and dictates and requires complete subservience to the state
Communism political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs
Conservatism political or theological orientation advocating preservation of best in society and opposing radical changes- promotes maintenance of traditional institutions and supports minimal and gradual change in society
Liberalism political orientation that favors social progress by reform and by changing laws rather than by revolution
Socialism when production and distribution in a country are publicly owned and controlled for the benefit of all members of a society
Ideology the science of ideas; study of origin and nature- a system of ideas and ideals especially one that forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy
Lobbyist someone who is employed to persuade legislators to vote for legislation that favor's the lobbyist's employer
Democracy a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives
Bill Becoming a Law:Steps Intro-1st Reading-2nd Reading-Committee-Report-3rd Reading-Sent-Royal Assent
Bill Introduction introduction in either house of commons or senate
1st reading of Bill first presentation of bill- authorizes publishing and allocates it a #
2nd reading of bill principle of bill is debated. Once principle is adopted, Bill is referred to parliamentary committees for further study
Committee of Bill hears witnesses, examines bill, clause by clause, and submits a report with or without amendments
Report Stage of Bill Additional amendments to the bill may be moved, debated and voted on
3rd reading of bill last opportunity for House to amend Bill. Bill is published for the last time
Sent to Other House for Bill if Bill is passed by house, it is sent to the Senate, vice versa, process starts over again
Royal Assent of Bill Governor General gives royal assent, assigned chapter #, bill becomes law and comes into for play on the day of assent- passed by both House of Commons and Senate
Battle of Hong Kong Japan's attack on British colony of Hong Kong in which there were heavy Canadian Losses
Parti Quebecois Quebec provincial party that advocates separation from Canada
Canada's levels of Gov Municipal-Provincial-Federal
Canada's branches of Gov Executive-Legislative-Judicial
Political Parties Liberal-Conservative-NDP-Bloc Quebecois
Nationalism showing pride and patriotism for mother country- intense loyalty toward and desire to preserve one's own cultural identity
Black Hand Group of Bosnian Serbs willing to fight for nationalistic goals
Passchendaale October 1917, General Arthur Currie and C.E.F. were asked to break through Germany lines and retake the town of Passchendaale in Belgium. Canadians captured Passchendaale but resulted in more than 200,000 casualties on each side - Germans recaptured later
Triple Alliance Germany, Austria-Hungary- Italy (Italy didn't go into war with them though)
Triple Entente France, Britain, Russia
Battle of the Somme July 1916, Allies launched a massive attack against a line of German trenches near Somme River, France- Allies shells didn't destroy German defenses- more than 1.25 million casualties- Canadian troops distinguished themselves
Militarism developing military powers and resources to protect their interests and intimidate each other- glamorizing armed forces and size of their armies and navies become essential to national prestige- WW1
Holocaust mass genocide of more than 6 million jews and more than 5 million undesirables by the Nazi Party in Concentration Camps - Auschwitz is main camp
Fascism an authoritarian system of government that exercises complete power, suppresses opposition often through the use of force, and encourages nationalism and racism
Group of 7 Group of Canadian Landscape Artists from 1920-1933
Treaty of Versailles June 28, 1919 Took place during Paris Peace Conference- laid out terms between Germans and Allies-made Germans' take blame and pay reparations-restrictions on army
Dieppe Raid 1942 trial raid by Canadian troops against Germany's occupation of Dieppe- AUGUST 19, 1942
House of Commons democractically elected body-308 members-members are elected by ridings-each have around 5 years - major law-making body-study,debate, and vote on laws proposed- REP BY POP
Nisga'a Treaty 1999- negotiated agreement between Nisga'a nation, BC GOV, and CAN GOV.-sets out and descrives in detail how the rights of Nisga'a citizens wil be exercised- Final agreement: April 13, 2000
Schlieffan Plan Germany's plan for war aainst Russia and France-called for German army to launch surprise invasion of France through Belgium- use railway system to move most of army to East to fight Russia
Constitution-BNA Act 1982-Supreme Law-Royal Proclamation of 1763-constitutional guarantee of the civil rights and liberties of every citizen in Canada-freedom of expression, religion, mobility.
Causes of Great Depression Supply & Demand- Overproduction- Tariffs- WWI Debt- Stock Market Crash- Falling off Economic Edge- Basic Economic Principles
War at Sea Merchant marine-civilian ships and sailors that transported food, weapons, and munitions- U-Boat, travels underwater/can't be detected-equipped with torpedos and German U-Boats sank Lusitania
Supporting War Effort Canadians bought Victory Bonds- Honour Rationing- Income Tax was temporary- Corporate Tax- but Government did not raise enough $$ so borrowed money from U.S. and others
Battle of Vimy Ridge Lietenant General J. Byng carefully planned an attack - April 9, 1917, Canadian troops moved into position in V.R.- April 10, captured hill 145- April 12, they were successful- gave them sense of pride and autonomy and reputation
War in the Air Billy Bishop/ Billy Barker/ dogfights (aerial figts between aircrafts)
Imperialism expanding nations and empires-building and establishing colonies worldwide-competing for territories
Khaki Election 1917- P.M. Borden tried to strengthen his position for conscription-failed. Created Military Votes Act-allowing soldiers etc to vote and Wartime Elections Act but WEA was cancelled
White Paper 1969- Gov. Report preposing dramatic changes to the lives of Aboriginals, including eliminations of Indian Act- Proposed Indian Act be repealed- end a. people's special status and be equal to Canadians-didn't approve of it
French English Relations Protection of a minority culture, language, against Anglophone majority- Bilingualism (Official Language) - Quebec Bill 101- Charter of French Language-strengthened French in Quebec
Bloc Quebecois Federal Party dedicatioin to separation from Canada
Italian Campaign 1943- Allied battles to recapture Europe from South, through Sicily & Italy- Battle of Sicily- July 10, 1943-Allied forces - Battle of Ortona-Canada captured town Dec 28, 1943
Quiet Revolution Period of rapid change & reform that modernized Quebec society during the years 1960-1966 under Liberal provincial government of Jean Lesage- "Modernizing Quebec"
Black Christmas December 25, 1941- Hong Kong fell to Japanese- 18 days of bitter fighting
Battle of Atlantic the struggle between the Allies & Axis powers to control Allies shipping route across Atlantic Ocean
Black Tuesday October 29,1929- New York Stock Exchange Collapsed
Allies Britain, France, Commonwealth countries (Canada, Australia, New Zealand)
Axis Germany, Italy, Japan
Coalition Government a cabinet of a parliamentary government in which several parties cooperate
War Measures Act P.M. Borden introduced this Act in 1914- Gave government authority to do everything necessary for the Security, defense, peace, order, and welfare of Canada- Recent immigrants treated harshly
D-Day June 6, 1944- Allied armies invade France-biggest Allied invasion of WW2- Germans weren't prepared- bad weather-North not South- Juno Beach- Utah-Omaha-Gold-Sword
Cold War a period lasting approx. from 1945-1989 when there were tension and hostility between communist Soviet Union and its allies and capitalist U.S. and its allies
Battle of Britain an air campaign launched in 1940 by Royal Air Force to stop the Germans from achieving air superiority
Balkans Great Powers fought over this- Russia tried to promote Pan-Slavism-wanting access to their warm-water ports- Ottomans lost hold of Balkans and feared losing even more territory
Balfour Report 1926- conclusions of Imperial Conference- relations between self-governing parts of Commonwealth empire.
October Crisis October 1970- FLQ members kidnapped James Cross. In exchange, wanted release of FLX members in prison & public reading. Bourossa refused and FLQ kidnapped Pierre LaPorte and wa found dead in trunk-Cross found after 60 days captive
Battle of Ypres April 22, 1915- Germans used chlorine gas-More than 6000 Canadians killed, wounded, captured-Lieutenant John McCrae- In Flanders Fields
Persons Case 1928- Supreme court decided women were not persons who could hold office as Canadian senators. 1929- British Privy Council reversed decision and called exclusion of women from public office
Charter of Rights & Freedom forms the first part of Constitution Act of 1982- guarantees certain political rights to Canadian citizens and civil rights of Canadian from policies and actions of all areas and levels of government
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