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ST220 T1 Microbio

ST220 TI Microbiology

1. What is the function of the mitochondria Powerhouse of the cell. Aerobic phase of cellular respiration
2. Explain the function of the ribosome Responsible for assembling proteins of the cell. Protein synthesis
3. Function of the nucleus Controls center of the cell
4. Explain the diff bt Active Transport and Passive Diffusion Active Transport: Movement of substances thru cell wall from area of low concentration to area of high concentration using energy (ATP) Passive Diffusion: Movement of molecules through a medium from an area of high concent. to an area of low concent.
5. What is the function of the cell membrane Retains the cytoplasm. Phospholipids allow free passage of H2O molec thru cell membrane via osmosis. Some proteins allow passage of molec and ions via transport channels or by Active Transport. Other proteins act as receptor sites and identity markers.
6. Who developed the first compound microscope Zacharias Jansen (pg 20 in A&P)
7. The first sightings of the internal action of the cell were made by Robert Brown (pg 21 in A&P)
8. Cell shape is controlled in large part by the ___ and cytoskeletal structure Extracellular matrix (pg 23 in A&P)
9. On average, there are approximately ___ cells within the human body 75 and 100 trillion
10. Cells are The smallest complete living units of the human body - basic unit of organization of all organisms
Created by: elizabeth-mcw
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