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Task 2-8 FLT PCG


When an aircraft reports a ground−based NAVAID malfunction, take the 1st action: Request a report from a second aircraft.
When an aircraft reports a ground−based NAVAID malfunction, take the 2nd action: If the second aircraft reports normal operations, continue use and inform the first aircraft.
When an aircraft reports a ground−based NAVAID malfunction, take the 3rd action: If the second aircraft confirms the malfunction or in the absence of a second aircraft report,activate the standby equipment or request the monitor facility to activate.
When an aircraft reports a ground−based NAVAID malfunction, take the 4th action: If normal operation is reported after the sdby equipment is activated, continue use, record it on FAA Form 7230−4 or military form, and notify tech personnel (the Systems Engineer of the ARTCC when an en route aid is involved).
When an aircraft reports a ground−based NAVAID malfunction, take the 5th action: If continued malfunction is reported after the standby equipment is activated or the standby equipment cannot be activated,ask techs to shut down or not
For GPS anomalies request the following info or take the following actions: Record the following info: A/C C/S & type,location,altitude, date & time.Log on 7230-4 or military form.Broadcast to other A/C
When an aircraft reports a Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) anomaly, request the following information and/or take the following actions: Determine if all WAAS was lost,if any of WAAS is recv'd, acknowledge and con't ops, if all lost do as in the GPS procedures
Operation of the FFM remote sensing unit will be based on the _____ prevailing weather
The FFM remote sensing unit must be operational when the weather is below _____. CAT I ILS minimums
When a change is made from one ILS to another or from one MLS to another at airports equipped with multiple systems which are not used simultaneously,... coordinate with the facilities which use the fixes formed by reference to these NAVAIDs.
DEFINE Monitoring Navigational Aid (NAVAID) Equipment. An internal monitor is an integral part of each NAVAID that automatically transfers transmitters or shuts down the NAVAID when its performance falls below established tolerances.
Each _____ used for instrument flight must be monitored. NAVAID
When an RSI is inoperative or the RSI monitoring facility is unmanned,... continue to use NAVAIDs equipped with an internal monitor as long as pilot or maintenance reports show the NAVAID is operating normally.
For category (CAT) II ILS facilities, when the RSI fails or the facility with the RSI is not staffed, even though the ILS is functioning properly,... downgrade the ILS to CAT I status,specify this requirement in an appropriate LOP.
_____must be removed from specific areas around the glide slope long before causing the glide angle to go out of tolerance. Snow accumulation
Both ILS RSIs shall be cycled off the air at _____. closing
Do not turn the ___ off. RSI
TACAN RSI shall not be turned off at _____. closing
During RSI out periods, continue to solicit reports from pilots, at least _____, and log results in events log. once every half-hour
If the second report shows the same as the first, _____. stop using the NAVAID and notify maintenance
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