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S.S Final ExamReview

The Treaty of Versilles angered many Germans after World War I b/c the treaty..... Forced Germany to pay large war reparations
Censorship, mass arrests, and a secret police force are most characteristics of..... Totalitarian regimes
Which leader is most closely associated w/ the rise of fascism in italy prior to World war II? Benito Mussolini
A type of totalitarian govenment under Hitler and Mussolini, where the government promottes extreme nationalism and puts the needs of the state befhts of individual citizens is known as....... Fascism
In Italy and Germany, fascism appealed to people who feared...... Communsim
Which national crisis allowed Hitler to come to power? The Great Depression
Which group was accused of violating human rights in the city Nanjing (Nanking) prior and during World War II? Japanese
From 1936-1938, millions of Russians disappear or are put into labor camps. This is known as the...... The Great Purge
What was the purpose of Stalin's Five-Year Plans? To modernize Russia's backward economy
During the mid-1930's, which characterstics was common to Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, and Communist Soviet Union? one-party system ownersihp of the means of production and distribution
Which country bacame part of greater Germany as a result of Hitler's policy of ANSCHLUSS? Austria
Nazi Germany sought to reclaim land lost after WWI in Czechoslovakia known as...... Sudetenland
The policy of cooperating w/ an aggressor to prevent peace is......... Appeasement
At the Munich Conference, British Prime Minister Neville chamberlain.......... Agreed that Hilter could keep lands already taken in exchange for a promise to end German expansion
Germany made a non-aggression pact w/ whatcounyin 1939? The Soviet Union
Japan's invasion of china in 1939 and Germany's attack on Poland in 1939 led directly to....... The beginning of World War II in Asia and Europe
The "lightning" fast style of attack that hitler used to take over most of Europe from 1939-1942 is known as..... Blitzkreig
which of the following were two of the Allied Powersat the START of the war? Great Britain and France
Germany, Italy, and Japan created an alliance called the...... Axis Powers
Operation Barbarossa in 1941 was code for the..... German incvasion of the Soviet Union
At this point in WWII, the Soiet Union fought German forces for control of a major city in the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union won it evenually helped lead to the defeat of Nazi Germany. Battle of Stalingrad
Japanese pilots who crashed their airplains into American ships were called....... Kamikaze
This was WWII strategy of going from one island to the next territory back from the Japanese. Island Hopping
A violaiton of civil rights that occured in the United States during WWII was the....... Intermen of Japanese Americans
What was done to Japan to make them surrender? Atomic bombs were dropped on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
When did WWII in the pacific end? When the Japanese surrendered after the U.S roped two atonimc bombs
Confirmed areas where Jews wee forced to live were called...... Ghettos
The mass killing of people (targeting based on race, ethnicity, religion, social class or potitical beliefs of people) w/ the intent to completely eliminate the group from society is also known as.... genocide
What was the name of the book written by Hitler when in jail that describes Nazi goals and ideology? Mein Kampf
What happened on Kristallnach? Jewish businesses were destroyed and yagogue were burned
The "final Solution" can Best be described as: A Nazi plan calling for killing of the Jews of europe by gassng, shooting and other means
Hitler believed in..... Nationalism, militarism, and anti-Semitism
The following statement shows how Germany stood under the rule of Hitler. The Nazis controlled all aspects of German life
This international organization was created after WWII. Member nations work together to promote peace,protect human rights and improve quality of life in developing nations. United Nations
The term "Cold War" is used to describe..... The 46 years of conflict and competition between the U.S and the Soviet Union
During the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union competed in what ways? The "space race", competing in space exploration; the "arms race", competing to build weapons; and politically, democracy versus communism
After WWII, the Allies decided to deal with defeated Germany by...... Dividing Germany into separate zones of occupation
This foreign policy, announced by the U.S president whom it was named after, stated that the Soviet Union and communism would not be allowed to expand. Truman Doctrine
Cuban Missile Crisis finally ended when..... The Soviets and Americans negotiated an agreement
One indicator that does not represent totalitarian regime is...... Free potitical elections
What were NATO and the Warsaw Pact and why were they created? Military alliances, both created for protection in the event of a military attack
What term did Winston Churchill coin when he described the division between eastern and western Europe following the Allied victory in WWII? Iron Curtain
Which of the following is a characteristic of Soviet communism? promotion of a socialist economic system
Who was not a leader of the Soviet Union? Yuri Gagarin
Why did the U.S and the Allied Democracies of the west conduct the extensive operation known as the Berlin Airlift in 1948? to fly supplies to west Berlin following a Soviet blockade of the city
Why did the Soviet Union and East German officials initially build a wall between eastern and western Berlin? to prevent young and skilled East Germans from fleeing to the west
MAD or "mutually assured destruction was the principle that suggested that the arms race between U.S and the U.S.S.R would not result in nuclear war because........ neither sides would benefit, as each side could respond with an equal and immediate counter attack, destroying them both
Created by: maiya deerman
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