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Task 2-7 FLT PCG


The on-duty _____shall continuously monitor the FSL and ESL MCWs for alerts. WS/SC
Allow up to ___minutes for radar sensor alarms prior to calling maintenance personnel. 5
If the alarm persists after ___minutes or is displayed on both service levels, take action to ______ 5 / log out the link
If an aural and/or visual alert (RED flashing icon) is heard/observed in FSL/ESL, notify _____ ATCSS
Currently DAAS/STARS operate with a _____ configuration at Ellsworth and Minot. single sensor
_____configuration permits the use of 3 miles radar separation within 40 miles of the antenna as defined in JO 7110.65. single sensor
The use of automated interfacility/intrafacility handoffs shall be used to the _____. maximum extent possible
A _____shall be accomplished to adjacent facilities only after every effort has been attempted to use an automated transfer of tracks. manual handoff
The _____ will be used as the primary source for coordinating aircraft clearance and movement information. When the FDIO is not operational all clearances will be coordinated via _____. Flight Data Input/Output (FDIO) / landline
Instruct all IFR departures to maintain _____or requested altitude, whichever is _____. 16,000' / lower
Aircraft departing as a flight shall be issued _____. block altitudes
Aircraft requesting _____ than 16,000' will be advised to expect assigned altitude __minutes after departure. higher / 10
Instruct all IFR aircraft not assigned Departure Procedures to _____, or as previously coordinated. "Fly Runway Heading"
During DATCF Flight Data System outages, provide the following information: _____ for all aircraft departing from RCA. call sign, type aircraft, beacon code, destination, first point on the flight plan, requested altitude, and ETD
For arriving aircraft, _____, tower will provide call sign, type, beacon code,and ETA. during DATCF FDS outages
Maintain only necessary current data and remove the strips from the flight progress boards when _____for control purposes. no longer required
Do not _____ any item. Use an __ to delete a climb/descend and maintain arrow, an at or above/below symbol, a cruise symbol, and unwanted altitude information. Write the new altitude information immediately adjacent to it and within the same space. erase or overwrite / “X”
Do not draw a _____through an altitude being vacated until after the aircraft has reported or is observed (valid Mode C) leaving the altitude. horizontal line
Request a pilot to contact the appropriate ____ if the pilot informs you of a desire to change from an IFR to a VFR flight plan. FSS
Created by: tx4ever80
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