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Task 2-6 FLT PCG


During _____, or _____after assuming responsibility for a control position, check the operating equipment for alignment accuracy and display acceptability. Recheck _____ throughout the watch. relief briefing; as soon as possible; periodically
Accuracy of the radar video display must be verified for digitized radar systems by using the... moving target indicator (MTI) reflectors, fixed location beacon transponders (Parrots), beacon real−time quality control (RTQC) symbols or calibration performance monitor equipment (CPME) beacon targets.
______conducts continuous self−monitoring of alignment accuracy; therefore, controller alignment checks are not required. Digital Terminal Automation Systems (DTAS)
Secondary radar may be used as the sole display source as follows: Class A airspace; Additional coverage is provided by secondary radar beyond that of the primary radar; The primary radar is temporarily unusable or out of service. Advise pilots when these conditions exist; only source
If beacon range accuracy cannot be verified, you may use beacon targets only for _____ traffic information.
When radar mapping is not available, limit radar services to: Separating ID'd a/c; Vector for PAR intercept; Radar service in areas with no conflicts
Report radar malfunctions _____ for corrective action and for dispatch of a ______. immediately / Notice to Airmen
_____ is designated as the common military/civil mode for air traffic control use. Mode 3/A
Make radar beacon code assignments to only ______transponder-equipped aircraft. Mode 3/A
do not request an aircraft to change from the code it was squawking in the transferring facility’s area until the aircraft is within _______ your area of responsibility.
Assign codes to departing IFR aircraft as follows:____to an aircraft which will climb to FL 240 or above or to an aircraft which will climb to FL 180 or above where the base of Class A airspace and the base of the operating sector are at FL 180 Code 2000
Assign codes to departing IFR aircraft as follows:____to an aircraft which will remain below FL 240 or below FL 180 Code 1100
Assign codes to en route IFR aircraft below FL240 as follows:____may be assigned to aircraft changing altitudes. Code 1000
Assign codes to en route IFR aircraft below FL240 as follows:____to an aircraft operating at an assigned altitude below FL 240. Should an additional code be operationally desirable, ____must be assigned. Code 1100 / Code 1300
____may be assigned to aircraft changing altitudes when above FL240 Code 2300
_____to an aircraft operating at an assigned altitude from FL 240 to FL 330 inclusive. Should an additional code be operationally desirable,_____must be assigned. Code 2100 / Code 2200
_____ to an aircraft operating at an assigned altitude from FL 350 to FL 600 inclusive. Should an additional code be operationally desirable,_____ must be assigned Code 2400 / Code 2500
_____ when aircraft are operating on a flight plan specifying frequent or rapid changes in assigned altitude Code 4000
____may be assigned for descents into and while within the strata below FL 240 Code 1500
Instruct IFR aircraft which cancel an IFR flight plan and are not requesting radar advisory service and VFR aircraft for which radar advisory service is being terminated to _____. squawk the VFR code
When an aircraft changes from VFR to IFR, the controller must _____to Mode C equipped aircraft that will allow MSAW alarms. assign a beacon code
______are reserved for use by R−71,F−12, U−2, B−57, pressure suit flights, and aircraft operations above FL 600. Mode 3/A, Code 4400, and discrete Codes 4440 through 4465
Squawk standby or low sensitivity when a/c is about ___ miles from destination or to reduce clutter in a high traffic area. 15
Consider an altitude readout valid when: It varies less than 300 feet from the pilot reported altitude
Consider an altitude readout valid when: You receive a continuous readout from an aircraft on the airport and the readout varies by less than 300 feet from the field elevation
Issue the correct altimeter setting and confirm the pilot has accurately reported the altitude when... Invalid Mode C is observed below FL180
Set the upper limits no lower than ____feet above the highest altitude for which the controller is responsible. 1,000
In those stratified positions, set the lower limit to _____feet or more below the lowest altitude for which the controller is responsible. 1,000
______ must ensure that aural test of the MSAW speakers located in the operational positions are included as part of the equipment checklist required during each shift. CCTLRs
_____are authorized to inhibit CA at specific operating positions if an operational advantage exists. CCTLRs
_____ must develop and publish procedures for CA suppression and use of Military Alert Suppression Zones (MASZ). CCTLRs
_____ must develop and maintain current detailed procedures in an LOP for transition to and from the various automated and non-automated modes of operation. CCTLRs
_____ shall designate facility watch supervisors to notify automation personnel and/or radar maintenance personnel to take off line any radar site that is out of service or released for maintenance. CCTLRs
_____ must establish procedures to check PIDP Minimum Safe Altitude Warning (MSAW) alarms. CCTLRs
MSAW checks must be accomplished at the _____and documented on the _____. beginning of each shift / AF IMT 3616
_____ Video Mapper meets the dual video mapper requirement. _____ handle all things regarding radar mapping issues AN/GPA-134 / CCTLRs
STARS facility _____ must determine the need to use the satellite airport database feature containing emergency airport data. CCTLRs
Facilities with _____ equipment do not require strapping. PIDP
For STARS locations the maximum allowable beacon target displacement which may be specified by the facility CCTLR is _____ ¼ mile applied in 1/8 mile increments.
Continually display the _____ generated target to verify system accuracy when secondary radar service is provided outside the coverage of primary radar. AN/TPX-49A
The radar performance check must be accomplished at least _____ each shift. once
______areas are areas within a DVA in which random vectoring below the MVA/minimum IFR altitude (MIA) is authorized. Free vector
No ___aircraft climbing within a DVA must be assigned an altitude restriction below the MVA/MIA. IFR
Headings must not be assigned beyond those authorized for DVA prior to reaching the _____. MVA/MIA
_____ must establish an LOP for notification of personnel working in or around radar units during turn-around operations. CCTLRs
The allowable tolerance for radar/map alignment is _____of the ASR antenna-to-PE distance. 2 percent
The allowable tolerance for azimuth is _____ degrees. +/- 1.0
The PE target is checked to verify _____; the PE symbol check validates map alignment. radar alignment
The PE target and PE symbol must be checked _____, however, the tolerances are the same. separately
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