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Task 2-5 FLT PCG


The frequency band between 300 and 3,000 MHz. May go as low as 225 MHz UHF
The frequency band between 30 and 300 MHz. VHF
Portions of VHF band, ___to ___MHz, are used for certain NAVAIDs 108 / 118
VHF ___to ___MHz are used for civil air/ground voice communications. 118 / 136
Transmit only those messages necessary for _______ or otherwise contributing to air ______. Air Traffic Control / safety
First priority of interphone transmission priorities... Emergency messages including essential information on aircraft accidents or suspected accidents. After an actual emergency has passed, give a lower priority to messages relating to that accident.
Second priority of interphone transmission priorities... Clearances and control instructions
Third priority of interphone transmission priorities... Movement and control msgs (1-Progress reports 2-Dep & Arr reports 3-Flight Plans)
Fourth priority of interphone transmission priorities... Movement messages on VFR aircraft.
Use the words “_____” or “_____” for interrupting lower priority messages when you have an emergency or control message to transmit. emergency / control
Between two facilities which utilize numeric position identification, the caller must identify both ______. facility and position
Identify the interphone voice line on which the call is being made when _______such lines are collocated at the receiving operating position. two or more
Interphone Message Termination, may be omitted provided: Procedures are in a facility directive and there will be no misunderstanding on which positions are using the abbreviated procedures.
The word “heavy” must be used as part of the identification of heavy jet aircraft as follows: Comms with heavy a/c,terminal facility,regard to airport where enroute center provides appch service,when separation may become <5miles,traffic advisories
Notify _______when communicating with aircraft having similar sounding identifications. each pilot concerned
Notify the ______of any duplicate flight identification numbers or phonetically similar-sounding call signs when the aircraft are operating simultaneously within the same sector. operations supervisor−in-charge
If deemed necessary for clarity, and after stating numbers as specified in para 2−4−17, Numbers Usage, controllers may restate numbers using either ______ group or single-digit form.
FAA flight service stations. State the name of the station followed by the word “_____.” radio
Radar facilities having ASR or PAR but not providing approach control service. State the name of the facility, followed by the letters “_____.” G−C−A
_______ must ensure maximum use of pilot-to-dispatch, operations center, or similar facilities to relay non-ATC information. Commanders
Relaying _______ information is necessary for military protocol. Distinguished Visitor (DV)
The ATC facility notifies the agency only _____ for DV info. once
The use of ________constitutes notification if procedures are contained in a _______. electronic flight progress strips / LOP or AOI
When an unauthorized agency uses an ATC frequency, make an entry on the AF IMT ____. The _____ must advise the proper base official for appropriate action. 3616 / AOF/CC
controllers should avoid transmitting to aircraft in the following critical phases of flight: short final, touchdown, landing roll, departure roll, and initial climb-out
The optimum configuration between ATC facilities is a ______line or a "____" line. direct ring / shout
When more than one USAF ATC facility shares the emergency radio equipment, the _______must have override capability. tower
Check override capability at least _____daily. once
The ______may require a lesser level of notification and response and direct ATC not to activate the PCAS. WG/CC
The _____must ensure emergency notification and response procedures are established. WG/CC
If controllers do not activate the PCAS, the ATC facility notifies a single named, ___,___,___. Define procedures in the ___. base agency and the Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) or appropriate host nation equivalent / AOI
ELT testing done within the first ___ minutes of the hour and no longer than ___ audio sweeps 5 / 3
In the event that a Tower Talk Group cannot be established, ______must establish procedures to eliminate unnecessary transmissions (background noise) in an LOP. CCTLRs
VHF backup radio GRC-211
UHF backup radio GRC-171
Arrival backup freq 379.975
VHF discreet freqs 121.1 / 125.3
UHF discreet emergency freq 363.2
Primary RCA Tower Voice comm. method RCA Tower Ring line
Alternate RCA Tower Voice comm. method 385-6245
Tertiary RCA Tower Voice comm. method Dial (42)
ZDV voice Primary / Alternate / Tertiary comm. methods Denver Dial (79) / Freq 338.2 / 98-303-651-4245
ZDV dial Primary / Alternate / Tertiary comm. methods ZDV voice / Freq 338.2 / 98-303-651-4245
Base ops Primary / Alternate comm. methods Denver dial (43) / 385-1052
RCA tower ring Primary / Alternate comm. methods RCA tower voice / 385-6245
Huron FSS Primary / Alternate / Tertiary comm. methods Denver dial (45) / 98-817-541-3468 / 99-1-800-992-7433
CP Primary comm. methods 385-1044
Rapid Tower Primary / Alternate comm. methods Denver dial (95) / 605-393-1161
Radio failure Primary / Alternate / Tertiary comm. methods VHF backup / UHF backup / relay thru tower
Weather Primary comm. method 385-1044
Job control Primary / Alternate comm. methods Job / RTOA
GATR Site Primary / Alternate comm. methods GATR / RTOA
TACAN Site Primary comm. methods RTOA
GPN-20 Primary / Alternate comm. methods GPN-20 / send runner
Controllers shall use their headset when _______or when there is more than ____aircraft in the airspace. monitoring trainees / one
_____may direct when handsets can be utilized at times other than monitoring trainees or more than one aircraft in the airspace. WS/SC’s
_______shall be used for all intra facility coordination to the maximum extent possible. Intercoms
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