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Task 2-4 FLT PCG


Current observations and pertinent severe weather warnings, advisories, and pilot reports must be available at... all controller positions, if not possible ensure changes to the weather promptly reach each controller position
Facilities with multiple weather displays need only have the aural alarms operational at... one position
Controllers shall only issue/use the altimeter setting contained in the... official weather observation
At the _______ check the accuracy of the digitized weather display using the best means available, via PIREPs or NEXRAD website. beginning of every shift
In the event AFAS is inoperative a master hard copy of emergency, position, and equipment checklist will be kept in the... Master Ready Reference File in the IFR room
Advise ________ anytime AFAS is out of service or not displaying weather data weather
_______ will collect and disseminate weather data CD/FD
At least ________ shall be on at all times, normally in the AFAS monitor located at AC/AD position one audible alarm
If weather channel discrepancy is noted, document the problem on _______ and advise _______. STARS Trouble Report form / RADAR maintenance
Contact _______ to advise _______ to issue a NOTAM is issued CCLTR/AACTLR / AOF/CC
Describe the wind as calm when the wind velocity is ______ less than 3 knots
When authorizing use of runways and a tailwind component exists, always state _______. both wind direction and velocity
_______ is the authority for determining if winds should be estimated. Base Weather
Wind sensors must be selected for the approach end of runway unless an _______ will result from another setting. operational advantage
Advise pilots if reported wind is from other than the _______ of runway. approach end
_______ is defined as a 10-minute peak wind speed only when that peak exceeds the wind speed lull by 10 knots or more. Wind gust
_______ is defined as a wind direction change of 60 degrees or more in the preceding 2 minutes, when the wind speed is greater than 6 knots. Variable wind
For reasons of operational advantage or pattern efficiency, the ____ may waive the requirement to issue variable winds to Wing aircraft. If waived, document procedures in the ___. OG/CC / AOI
_______ is defined as the difference between wind speed lull and wind speed peak during the preceding 10 minutes. Gust spread
The ______ must make a structural evaluation of the control tower to determine the maximum wind velocity the tower can safely withstand. base civil engineer
Make the structural evaluation a permanent part of ______. control tower real estate records
The _____ establishes a maximum safe wind velocity for control tower operations. OG/CC
The maximum safe wind velocity and control tower evacuation plans must be incorporated in the ____. AOI
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