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Copyright Terms

Copyright Terminology for Edit 202

Access Copyright The operating name of The Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency (formerly Cancopy) provides copyright licensing solutions for various organizations such as Universities. This company collects revenue for the use of copyrighted material
Copyright A set of exclusive rights given to the creators of a work to use the material in various ways and to authorize others to do the same
Intellectual Property Creations of the mind and intangible property belonging to its creators. This includes literary and artistic works as well as patents and processes.
Royalty A payment made to the owner of a work that has been copyrighted for each time it is used. This also applies for intellectual property.
Trade-Marks A word, name or symbol that is associated with a specific product, service or company. It distinguishes it from other similar products and it indicates the source of the good.
Public Domain This is after a works copyright has expired and it is available for anyone to use or reproduce. In Canada the copyright expires 50 years after the original creators death.
Moral Rights These are the rights that the creator of a copyrighted work possesses. They can be assigned, unlike copyright. These rights include the right to publish a work anonymously and the right to attribution.
Preforming Rights The right to preform music in public in either a live preformance or recording. It is a part of copyright law and requires payment to composers and publishers.
Plagiarism Wrongfully passing off another creators work as your own without giving any credit. It is misrepresentation.
Fair Dealing In the Canadian Copyright Act, the fair dealing clause allows for exceptions to the use of copyrighted material, including educational purposes and research. In these cases, users are allowed to reproduce copyrighted material that they couldn't before.
Patent The exclusive right to the process used to create a material or good for a specific company or person. It is a type of intellectual property.
Blanket License To do with music use, it is broad coverage that allows pieces to be played multiple times without having to obtain the rights to it each time.
Created by: kasmith93