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Task 2-2 FLT PCG


Who is the custodian of all recorded records in all USAF AO facilities AOF/CC
How long are all voice recorder tapes/cassettes and data extraction disc recordings kept as per Air Force Records Information Management System (AFRIMS) 45 days
How long are ATC automation electronically recorded media kept as per AFRIMS 45 days
What software is available for use for playback of CDR data Radar Audio Playback Terminal Operations Recording (RAPTOR)
What instances would require playback of CDR data incident, suspected separation loss, pilot deviation, controller error, TCAS event, miscellaneous incident, or accident
Who determines the use of RAPTOR AOF/CC
Who authorizes release of CDR data recordings AOF/CC
Do not release recorded or written records concerning mishaps without authority from OG/CC
How many re-recordings of the original DAT recording should only be made 2
When making a copy, include what time frame of the recording From initial call up to at least 5 minutes after last contact
Who must assign two-letter operating initials for record purposes CCTLRs
How many initials are used to sign off tasks on the AF IMT, CFETP or AF IMT 797 3
What must Multi-channel recorders/Digital Voice Recording Systems (DVRS) have installed an approved time source installed (e.g., Global Position Satellite)
Who establishes procedures for DAT change/cleaning schedules CCTLRs
Digital Audio Tape (DAT) cassette changing cycles must not exceed 73 hours
Who ensures personnel performing tape/Digital Audio Tape (DAT) changes are trained in the proper methods CCTLRs
DVRS DAT cartridges must be replaced after 35 recording cycles or every 30 months, whichever is first
Do not lock channel(s) longer than five hours
DAT software calculates the ______ overwrite protection based on the date created tag, not the last recording on the tape 45-day
Recordings on Digital Voice Recorder System (DVRS) tapes must be saved for a minimum of 17 days
A complete recorder check will be conducted after maintenance is performed
Who do you notify for DVRS outages Radio Maintenance
Created by: tx4ever80
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