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misc 311-1


IP Enables computers to route communications traffic from one network to another
packet A unit of binary data capable of being routed over a computer network.
rootkit Set of programs that enable its user to gain administrator level access to a computer or network
robotic systems Combine both high-precision machine capabilities and sophisticated controlling software
us patriot act requires ISPs and phone companies to turn over customer info, including numbers called, without a court order if the FBI claims the records are relevant to a terrorism investigation.
utility programs Help to perform maintenance or correct problems with a computer system. Protect data
OLAP software that allows users to explore data from a number of different perspectives. Provides top-down, query-driven data analysis. Requires repetitive testing of user-originated theories.
TCP The set of rules used to pass packets from one host to another (in connection with IP).
TPS Organized collection of people, procedures, software, databases, and devices used to record completed business transactions. Order processing. Accounting and purchasing systems.
vision systems Hardware and software that permit computers to capture, store, and manipulate visual images and pictures. Effective at identifying people based on facial features
parallel processing Simultaneous execution of the same task on multiple processors to obtain results faster
grid computing Use of a collection of computers to work in a coordinated manner to solve a common problem often owned by many people or org.
control unit Sequentially accesses program instructions, decodes them, and coordinates the flow of data in and out of the ALU, registers, primary storage, and even secondary storage and output devices
dialogue manager help decision makers and other users interact with the DSS
MICR reader magnetic ink character recognition. Used by banks to process checks and documents quickly.
replicated database Holds a duplicate set of frequently used data. A copy of the data is sent when needed from the company to remote locations. When the remote location has updated or changed their data, it is then sent back to the company.
raid Redundant array of independent/inexpensive disks. Method of storing data that generates extra bits of data from existing data. Makes a copy of one drive to the other drive like a real-time backup.
field Typically a name, number or combo of characters that describe an aspect of a business or activity
attribute Characteristic of an entity. Entity is Employee then attribute is Last Name, Hire date, employee #
record collection of data fields related to one subject, activity or person.
expert system Hardware and software that stores knowledge and makes inferences, similar to a human expert. —Computerized expert systems: Use heuristics, or rules of thumb, to arrive at conclusions or make suggestions
neural network Computer system that simulates functioning of a human brain. Can process many pieces of data at the same time and learn to recognize patterns
learning system Combination of software and hardware that Allows the computer to change how it functions or reacts to situations based on feedback it receives
inference engine To seek information and relationships from the knowledge base. To provide answers, predictions, and suggestions, like a human expert
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