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Module Ten

Copyright Information

Access Copyright A Canadian copyright licensing agency that provides "innovative" copyright licensing solutions for governments, businesses and educators.
Copyright Simply means..."the right to copy". The owner of the copyright is allowed to reproduce the work protected under it. The holder of the copyright can also permit anyone else to do so as well.
Intellectual Property It is the legal rights that result from intellectual activity in the artistic, literary, scientific or industrial fields.
Royalty A sum paid to the copyright owner as a form of commission for the use of their work.
Trade marks A design, word(s), or a combination of the two, used to identify the product of a person or a company.
Public Domain Any work or information within a public domain is free to the public for use, as it is not subject to copyright.
Moral Rights The rights that a author has over the integrity of a piece of their work, and the right to the title of author of said work even after a sale or transfer of the copyright.
Performing Rights When their performance is preformed publicly they are to be paid for their service.
Plagiarism The use of someone else's work and claiming it to be your own.
Fair Dealing The use of someone's work for the purpose of research, criticism, review, or private study (education) that is not applicable as infringement of copyright.
Patent A grant from the government giving the the owner the exclusive right to exclude others from making, selling, or using their invention.
Blanket License A license that authorizes the licensee the right to perform all included works as many times as they would wish for one lump-some fee
Created by: JoshS