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PC Points


Where does the PC channel originate? In the center of the chest
Where does the 2nd branch split from the main branch, and where does it travel? Splits on the palm from PC 8 and travels down the radial aspect of the ring finger to the tip
What organ does the network vessel connect to? Heart
Which point is a 'window of heaven' point? PC 1
What is the location of PC 2? 2 cun below the anterior axillary fold, between the 2 heads of the biceps brachii muscle.
What is the he-sea point? PC 3
Which point can be used to dissipate nodules for breast tissue disorders? PC 1
Which point is best to invigorate blood, transform stasis, and relieve pain for thoracic blood stasis? PC 2 (PC 4 also)
PC 3 is located on the (radial/ ulnar) side of the tendon of biceps brachii Ulnar
What are 2 functions and matching indications for PC 3? 1. Clears construction & cools blood: heat diseases, convulsions, long term night fevers 2. Downbears counterflow & stops vomiting: vomiting 3. Eliminates vexation & settles tetany: vexation & agitation, cardiac pain, palpitations, convulsions
Which point is the xi-cleft point? PC 4
How many cun above the wrist crease is PC 4? 5 cun
What is 1 function and matching indication for PC 4? 1.Quiets HT & spirit: vexation 2. Clears construction, cools blood, & stops bleeding: Retching of blood, nosebleed, clove sores, furuncles 3. Loosens chest & rectifies qi: Cardiac pain, acute palpitations
What is the best point to transform phlegm and harmonize the stomach? PC 5
Which point is empirical to treat malaria? PC 5
Which point is the meeting point of the 3 arm yin channels? PC 5
PC 5 is ___ cun proximal to the wrist crease 3 cun
Which is the best point to downbear counterflow and stop vomiting? PC 6
What is the pinyin and english for PC 6? Nei Guan, Inner Pass
What are 2 point that treat malaria? PC 5 & PC 6
This point opens the Yin Wei Mai to regulate menstruation. PC 6
PC 7 is at the wrist joint, between the tendons of _______ & _______ Palmaris longus & flexor carpi radialis
What is the yuan-source point? PC 7
What is a very effective point to treat carpal tunnel syndrome? PC 7
PC 8 is between which metacarpal bones? 2nd & 3rd
This point clears heart fire with symptoms such as: epilepsy, mouth sores, tongue ulcerations, & halitosis PC 8
Which point extinguishes wind and cools blood? PC 8
What is the pinyin & english for PC 9? Zhong Chong, Middle Rushing
Which point opens the portals & resuscitates, and stems counterflow and returns yang? PC 9
What is the element associated with PC 9? Wood
Which point treats summer heat stroke? PC 9
Created by: ElisaDanger