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Nouveaux Vocabulaire 060813

perfectionner v. improve
disposer v arrange
natation f. swimming
organisme m. organization
pédegogique a. educational
horaire m. schedule
renouveable a. renewable
hébergement m. accommodation
atelier m. workshop
passation f. signing
foyer m. household
excursion f. excursion 小旅行
taux m. rate
enquête f. survey
avoir lieu i. take place
panne f. breakdown
crispation f. tenseness
entrant n. participant
immobilier a. real-estate
francilien a. from the Île-de-France
provincial a. provincial
loger v. provide accommodation for
s'agrandir v. be enlarged
reloger v. rehouse
accédant m. house buyer
constater v. notice, record
enbourgeoisement m. 中産階級化
revenu modeste n. low income
net n. 純資産総額
trompeuse a. deceptive
accession f. reaching, entry
nettement ad. clearly
aisé a. easy
ménage m. household, couple, married couple
apport m. supply, contribution
emprunter v. borrow
hausse f. rise
secteur m. sector, area
solvabilité f. solvency 支払能力
pèse = peser v. weigh
Created by: Shun18090212