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What command is used to create an RODC without any cached secrets? NTDSUTIL /IFM
What is used to test if the system, storage and network configuration is suitable for a cluster? Cluster Validation Tool
What can be used to provide failover support for applications and services like web applications running on IIS? NLB, which is included in all version of Server 2008 R2
When can a failover cluster be used? For stateful applications like SQL, Exchange, file and print servers.
What is a stateless application? An application that doesn't build a state as the result of a request, for example IIS front end servers.
What is required for Access Based Enumeration in a domain namespace? Server 2008 domain functional level
When is a DHCP instance on a failover cluster useful? When the network doesn't support a DHCP relay and when you want to minimize traffic on the network.
What authentication method supports using a health certificate? Computer certificate authentication
When should a tunnel rule be used? When two computers are being used as endpoints for a VPN or IPSec layer two tunneling
What is the difference between running RSOP in planning mode vs logging mode? Planning mode: simulates the effects of a defined policy on a user or computer Logging: will help determine policies applied including precedence and will identify conflicts
What can the Performance Monitor Users group do? Local or remote monitoring of performance counters, they cannot monitor logs or alerts
What can the Performance Log User do? Can manage alerts and logs as well as performance counters
What must you do to provide load balancing for a Remote Desktop Services Farm? Install the RD Connection Broker role sevice, populate the connection broker computers local group, add the DNS entries for the terminal servers
What OS is required for NAP functionality? XP with SP3 and above only for client OS, Server 2008 and above for server OS
What can a Universal Group contain? Accounts, Global Groups, and Universal groups from any domain within the forest
What can a Global Group contain? Accounts and other Global Groups from within the same domain
How is Credential Roaming enabled? By enabling the Certificate Services Client - Credential Roaming policy and linking the GPO to the domain
What OS required for FSRM? Server 2003 and above
What utility is used to manage all aspects of Bitlocker either locally or remotely? manage-bde.wsf
What OS's support credential roaming? XP SP2 and above or Server 2003 SP1 and above
What does SMB signing do? Ensures data integrity, but not security
What command can you use to install roles and features on a server core installation? dism
What commands can be used to install roles and features on a full server installation? dism or servermanagercmd.exe
When creating a Remoteapp msi file, where are shortcut settings specified? In the configuration distribution package page
What test is performed to validate Active Directory configuration in a failover cluster? system configuration test
What method of Bitlocker recovery is FIPS compliant? Using a recovery key
When should a Bitlocker recovery key be used? When users need to recover data offsite and the organization is FIPS compliant
When can a data recovery agent be used? When there is a computer certificate available
What are Cluster Shared Volumes? They reduce the number of LUNS required for virtual machines. You are not limited to having one LUN per VM
What is a benefit of CSV volumes? Multiple VM's can have one LUN and you can have one VM failover without having the other VM's on the same LUN failover
What guest OS is not supported in Hyper-V? Windows 2000 Professional
When should a data recovery agent be used for Bitlocker? When data doesn't need to be recovered offsite, the organization has a PKI, you can mount the drive on another computer to recover access
What does a restricted group do GPO do? Allows you to configure membership in Active Directory domain groups or local workstation and server groups that have joined the domain
What does Authorization Manager do? provides role based access control for Hyper-V
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