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Banner in the Sky

Comprehension Questions

What mountain does Rudi want to climb? Citadel
Who does Rudi rescue from a crevasse? Captain Winter
What do other boys in the village call Rudi? Angel face
What's the name of Rudi's village? Kurtal
Who believes in Rudi's ability to climb? Teo Zurbriggen
Why doesn't Frau Matt want her son, Rudi, to climb mountains? Scared of loosing him
What part of the mountain is Rudi the only one that is able to make it through? Needle
Rudi makes it further than any other person when he's climbing the Citadel alone. What is that part of the mountain called? Fortress
What's Rudi's uncle's name? Franz Lerner
What village is the rival to the village of Kurtal? Broli
Who is the braggart from Broli? Emil Saxo
Who has a shrine at the bottom of the Citadel? Josef Matt, Rudi's dad
What is an alpenstock? Climber's staff
What is special about the red shirt that Rudi carries when climbing the Citadel? The red shirt belonged to his dad. Rudi wants to take it to the top of the Citadel to represent his father and family.
Who tries to climb to the top of the Citadel? Captain Winter, Franz Lerner, Emil Saxo, and Rudi
What happens to Emil Saxo on the final push to the top of the Citadel? He takes off alone and when Rudi catches up with him he tries to get Rudi to go back. Rudi refuses and Saxo tried to turn on Rudi in anger but falls instead.
How does Rudi help Saxo? Rudi puts his pack down on the mountain and climbs down to help Saxo.
Does Rudi physically make it to the top of the Citadel? NO.
Does anyone make it to the top of the Citadel? If so, who? Yes, Uncle Franz and Captain Winter makes it to the top.
Does Josef Matt's red shirt make it to the top of the Citadel? Yes.
How does the red shirt make it to the top of the Citadel? Uncle Franz and Captain Winter find it as the climbed upward to find Rudi. When they found Rudi's pack they feared the worst but kept climbing hoping he was ahead. They put the red shirt on top of the Citadel.
How does Emil Saxo change from his experience? He becomes humble and appreciative of Rudi's help to get down the mountain.
Why is Rudi happy to go back to work at the hotel when there is a party being held in their honor? He knows that he will have many more opportunities to climb and he made a promise to Teo.
Created by: tjengel
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