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FINAL review

all subjects 2nd year review

fibrinolysis does what? Removes fibrin
What is a common hemophilia? Factor 8 deficiency
Preferred anticoagulant, ratio and color of tube Sodium citrate, 9:1 blue top
Precursor of thrombin Prothrombin
Coagulation groups that require vitamin K Prothrombin PT=thromboplastin
Reagent for PT test Thromboplastin
clot is removed by what system? RES/MPS reticuloendothelial system/mononuclear phagocytic system
factor that converts fibrinogen to fibrin Thrombin factor
What test is for coumadin/warfarin PT test
What test is for heparin aPTT
Waht pathway is Factor VII (7) a part of ? PT
What is the end result of coagulation tests the production of fibrin clot
What is the inital clot made of after vessel damage? Platelets
What is fibrin degraded by during fibrinolysis plasmin
what are the tests to detect fibrinolysis FDP, FSP, D-DIMER
What are the 5 classes of antibodies G-A-M-E-D
Which antibody is pentamer shaped? IgM
Which antibody can cross the placenta? IgG
What cell is associated with mononucleuosis Reactive lymphs
What is mono caused by? Epstein Barr virus
What increases the ASO titer Acute glomerulonephritis
How is complement destroyed heat the serum/plasma to 56*C
Define heterozygous Tow alleles that are not alike
How is passive immunity acquired? Transferred in utero
How is active immunity acquired? Antigens exposed by vaccination or infection
Define specifity Reacts with only 1 specific antigen/antibody
FTA-ABS detects what? anti-treponemal antibodies confirmatory (+)syphilis
what is the common microbiology stain that is used? Gram stain
What is the artifical media used for mycology SABS
what is the #1 cause of UTI's E. coli
what does a positive (+) India ink test indicate? Cryptococcus neoformans
What does growth up to a diffusion disk mean? Resistant to the antibiotic
What is the proper specimen used to test for malaria? Blood
NAD is considered "V factor" which is required to grow what? Haemophilus influenza
What microbe is known for swarming Proteus
What bodily fluid is trichamonas found in? Vaginal secretions
What microbe is associated with pink eye? Haemophilus aegypticus
what ailement is mycoplasma pneumoniae associated with? Primary atypical pneumoniae
N. gonorrhea grows best in hwat type of environment? CO2
Streptococcus agalactiae is which group of strept? Group B strept
What stain is used to clear the backgroun of mycology slides? Used for wet preps? KOH
Beta hemolysis on BAP is indicative of what? Strept throat
What temp is a fecal specimen held at? 24C
Waht morphology and oxidase result is N. menigitis? GPC and oxidase (+)
What types of microbes are lactose fermentors? Enterobacteriaceae
What are MAC plates used for? Determining lactose fermentors
What morphology is Enterotoxins and what does it cause? S. aureus and food poisoning
What type of cell lacks a central pallor? Spherocyte
What inclusion indicates lead poisoning? basophillic stippling
what inclusion is seen in myelogenous leukemia? Auer rods
Morphology of metamyelocyte Granulocytic and it has a kidney bean shaped nucleus
What is the largest WBC? Monocyte
What is the name of the RBC that has iron inclusions siderocytes
Anemia defined by 2 characteristics low heme and RBC count
Define pancytopenia reduction in all elements of blood (WBC's, RBC's, PLT's)
Term used to describe normal WBC formation leukopoisis
What type of RBC's are seen with anemia due to blood loss normocytic RBC's
What type of anemia is seen with chronic blood loss iron deficient anemia
What type of cell is seen with acute lympocytic leukemia lymphoblast
What does hematocrit measure? Packed Rbc's volume
Plasma protein that binds free hemoglobin in intravascular hemolysis hepatoglobin
Precursor to polychromatic RBC's orthochromatic
Plasma cell-D Pennuclear halo, eccentric nucleus multiple myeloma
Deficiencies associated with macrocytic anemia B12 and follate deficiency
Deficiency associated with microcytic anemia iron deficiency anemia
Define ansiocytosis various sizes within a specimen
Define poikilocytosis various shapes within a specimen
What is the least common WBC Basophil
Thalassemia has a lower what decreased globulin synthesis
MET hemoglobin abnormal heme--> contains carbon monoxide
MCH (mean cell hemoglobin) amountof heme in an individual cell
What is C reactive protein an increased response to inflammatory condition
What is glucagon a hormone that lowers blood sugar
What is the function of Albumin to maintain osmotic pressure
TIBC transferrin
Define glycolysis mechanism it converts lactose to lactate or pyruvate
What happens to the serum analyase in dieases of the pancreas? the serum analyase is elevated
DAT--> in vivo or in vitro in vivo
IAT-->in vivo or in vitro in vitro
AHG is used to detect what IgG
What can alphamethadopa cause. It can cause a (+) DAT
Which blood group is resistant to malaria Duffy
Which blood group is associated woth HDN (hemolytic disease of a newborn) Group O
Ketones appear beacause of what? increased fat metabolism
Dipstick ketones sodium nitroprusside
What is the principle behind protein detection on dipstick protein error indicators
proximal convuluted tubules function tubular reabsorption
What casts are formed in the kidney tubules hyaline casts
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