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COTA exam

Questions for the COTA exam

Line bisection is used to evaluate what? Unilateral neglect
What is remote memory the ability to recall events from one's distant past. Commonly assessed through verbal interviews and informal testing, such as a question about an individual's recall of childhood.
What is Somatosensory sensory system comprising the receptors and processing centers to produce sensory modalities like touch, temperature, proprioception, and nociception (pain)
Individuals that function at a cognitive level 4 are able to demonstrate directions presented in how many steps? They find it easier to do what? One step at a time; easier copy samples than to follow directions or diagrams
Side-lying is a good position for children whose muscle tone becomes what in what position? High/low in prone/supine
How large of a space does a door need to be able to allow a w/c to be maneuvered around the door? 5x5'
How can a 3-jaw chuck be measured? a pinch meter
Athetoid CP is characterized by what widely fluctuating tone
Anterograde amnesia the inability to recall events after a trauma
Retrograde amnesia the inability to recall events prior to trauma
What is a primary factor for frequent readmission for individuals with psychiatric conditions? Medication noncompliance
What is the correct position of an adult's hand for feeding a child from their side? controlling jaw opening/closing with index and middle finger and placing your thumb on the check
Symptoms of shunt malfunction seizures, headaches, vomiting, irritability, "sunken" appearance of eyes w/o fever
Symptoms of tethered cord? Difficulties with bowels, bladder, gait disturbance, foot deformities
What do Buddy straps provide passive ROM to injured finger
What does reinforcing group norms do? increases group cohesiveness
Cold stimulation to the inferior faucial arches does what elicits a swallow reflex
Boutonniere's deformity is caused by what lengthening or rupture of the extensor digitorum communis tendon
Cataracts loses what part of vision first central
What can walking a tongue depressor from the front of the tongue to the back of the tongue help decrease gag reflex
Biofeedback is a technique where electrodes are used to measure what muscle responses to stress levels
What can firm seats provide stability and a solid base for seating systems that can be used to prevent decubiti, contractures and deformities, and to increase sitting tolerance, proper positioning and functional abilities
A blocked catheter can cause what autonomic dysreflexia
Max height for countertops is what 31 inches
How long after an electroconvulsive treatment can an individual engage in a structured task 6 hours
an overhead suspension sling is best suited for individuals presenting proximal weakness with msucles between what grades? 1-3
What does Medicare cover? what do they not cover? A 3-in-1 commode is reimbursable by medicare. Medicare does not covered any equipment that can be useful to individuals without a disability (raised toilet seat, grab bars, non-skid mats)
What is validation therapy? an approach to working with individuals with dementia founded on the principle that the unspoken message an individual conveys in his/her speech are more important than the actual content of the speech
What activities are indicated for both acute and chronic phases of RA AROM
What do elbow lock splints stabilize Elbow lock splint stabilizes the elbow to enable the individual to position the hand closer to or away from his/her body for functional use
Classic Ayres SI treatment is based on what principle inner drive and active involvement of the child
Signs of heat stroke skin that is hot, dry, and red and labored breathing. It can be fatal to an elderly person.
What can begin 6 weeks after rotator cuff surgery Strengthening should begin with isometrics at 6 weeks and then progress to isotonics after rotator cuff surgery.
A dynamic extension splint is used for what low level radial nerve injuries to facilitate healing.
Regarding vision, individuals with MS often experience visual difficulties, including partial blindness, nystagmus, eye pain, and/or diplopia
Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) is a technique which involves what? use of diagonal patterns of movement and involves rotational trunk movement
Utilization review is a plan to review what? the use of resources within a facility to determine medical necessity and cost efficiency.
Instrumental groups help individuals function at their highest possible level for as long as possible. i.e. for people with dementia
Parnate has serious side effects when a person eats foods that contain the amino acid tyramine
What is the development of play and years exploratory (0-2); symbolic (2-4); creative (4-7); games (7-12)
Facilitate swallow by lip closure by placement and slight downward pressure of the spoon on the middle aspect of the tongue
Facilitate chewing by placement of foods, between gum and teeth
Boutinniere's pip flexion and dip hyperextension
Swan neck pip hyperextension and dip flexion
Class 1 heart disease Max MET 6.5 (ice skating, aerobics, basketball)
Class 2 heart disease Max MET 4.5 (calisthenics, volleyball)
Class 3 heart disease Max MET 3.0 (domestic work, raking leaves)
Class 4 heart disease Max MET 1.5 (standing, driving, sedentary activity)
Spinal cord injuries are tested ____ to ____ proximal to distal
Peripheral nerve injuries are tested ___ to ___ distal to proximal
Isometrics are contrindicated for people with ____ and ____ hypertension and CV problems
5 levels of group interaction parallel, project, egocentric cooperative; cooperative; mature
4 ways to know if there is a swallowing problem person coughs after thin liquids; person's face changes color; gasps for air; swallowing assessment
What is hypervigilance? Excessive attention and alertness that guards against potential danger
What is labile affect rapid and abrupt changes in affect
Rood's pattern sequence supine withdrawal, rollover, prone extension, neck co-contraction, prone on elbows, quadruped, standing, walking
When should you use general verbal cues (not specific); decrease manipulation demands; provide hand-over-hand input and utilize visual cues motor/ideomotor apraxia
When should you provide step by step instruction, hand-over hand; and provide opportunities for motor planning and motor execution ideational apraxia
when should you use bilateral activities; guide the affected side through the activity; increase sensory stim to the affected side body neglect
when should you decrease external auditory stimuli; give increased response time; use visual cues; use concise sentences; investigate augmentative communication devices aphasia
How do you manage manic or monopolizing behavior select or design highly structured activities; thank the individual for their participation an redirect them
What is the min clearance for doorways 32 (36 is ideal)
Hallways should be ___ wide 36"
The max height for countertops should be 31"
Wraparound, arm rests (space savers) reduces the overall width of the chair by 1"
What do arm troughs do position and support a flaccid UE and prevent edema through elevation
What's the standard height of a W/C 20"
What kind of activities will benefit someone with complex regional pain syndrome, type I weight bearing activities
Akathisia s a syndrome characterized by unpleasant sensations of inner restlessness that manifests itself with an inability to sit still or remain motionless; side effect of medication or Parkinson's
Created by: Marathoner1984
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