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Microsoft Office Suite

A powerful spreadsheet program that allows users to organize data, complete calculations and graph data Excel 2010
A feature that organizes the sheets for use in excel Workbook
Used to enter, calculate, manipulate and analyze data in excel Worksheet
This is immediately visible on the screen when you open Excel A new workbook
Used to navigate and display different portions of a worksheet in a worksheet window Scroll bars
Presents information about the worksheet, the progress of current tasks, and controls for viewing the worksheet Status bar
The control center in Excel and many other office programs Ribbon
Used for quick, convenient, one-click access to frequently used Excel commands Quick Access Toolbar
Users use this who prefer to use the keyboard rather than the mouse, and provides keyboard code icons that may be used in conjuction with the ALT key. Screen Tips
The name of the list of frequently used excel commands available when a user right-clicks an item in the worksheet. Shortcut Menu
The intersection of a row and a column in a worksheet. Cell
Occurs when the cursor is moved over a cell and a user clicks. The cell is selected.
Automatically adjusts cell references for the new copy location. Relative reference
When you enter text into a cell, this feature works behind the scenes to recognize and correct common mistakes. AutoCorrect
The name of the small black square in the lower-right corner of the heavy border of an active cell that repeats a cell's value in adjacent cells. Fill handle
Adds all of the numbers in a range of cells Sum
A full-featured word procewssing program that allows users to create professional-looking documents. Word
How do you access Word 2010 Help from the word window? Click the Microsoft Office Word Help button in the upper right corner fo the Word window.
Which is the shortcut key for accessing Microsoft Office Word Help from the Word window? F1
Which area is used to view a portion of a document on the screen Document window.
Which command is used to split a document into two panes so that different parts of the document can be viewed at the same time? Split
Which bar is used to navigate and display the various areas of a document? Scroll
Which bar presents information about a document? Status
Which item on the status bar increases or decreases the size of the content in a Word 2010 window? Zoom slider
The control center located below the title bar at the top of the Word 2010 window. Ribbon
The name of the small arrow in the lower-right corner of the ribbon group that displays a dialog box with additional options. Dialog Box Launcher
The view that provides data about documents and contains a set of commands to help a user manage documents. Document
Provides convenient, one-click access to frequently used commands. Quick Access Toolbar
Actions or commands that cannont be cancelled in Word 2010. Printing and saving a document.
Located on the Title bar and enables a user to minimize, mazimize, or close the Word 2010 window. Window control buttons
The name assigned to a file when it is saved. File name
Enables the document to be viewed as it would appear on a webpage. Web layout
Used to cancel a recent command or action. Quick Access Toolbar, Undo button
Used to create a collection of slides and is often called a presentation graphics program. PowerPoint
What are collections of files created in PowerPoint called? Presentations
Describes the process of determining a presentation's purpose. Planning the presentation
Provides an audience with background information, knowledge, and specific details about a topic. Informative presentations
A presentation used to influence how an audience feels about a position or plan. Persuasive presentations
A presentation used to teach an audience how something works or help them understand a process. Demonstration
A presentation used to help an audience learn new skills. Training presentation
Tab that shows a multilevel list of the titles and text of each slide. Outline
A tab that shows a column of numbered slide thumbnails. Slides
Provides an area for saving reminders to help a presenter during a presentation. Notes
The coordinated set of colors, fonts, and other design elements that are applied to components of a presentation. Theme
Shows the current slide as it will appear during the slide show. Slide
Enables a user to view one slide at a time in the Slide Pane. Normal
The region of a slide reserved for inserting text or graphics. Placeholder
A predetermined way of organizing objects on a slide. Layout
A list of statements with a special symbol to the left of each paragraph. Bulleted list
Refers to the size of alphabetic and numeric characters on a slide. Font size
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