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LOFT final vocab

Lord of the flies vocab for spring final

Oppressive Depressing Overwhelming
Ebullience Excitement Enthusiasm
Dubious Doubting
Acrid Unpleasant taste or smell
Taboo Banned by mortality or taste
Antagonism Open hostility Opposition
Impervious Incapable of being affected
Gravity Seriousness Importance
Truculently Aggressively Savagely
Flourish Healthy or grow well
Daunting Intimidating Discouraging
Incantation Written or recited formula of words
Inscrutable Not easily understood Mysterious
Bashful Shy
Foliage Plant leaves
Furtive Sly Sneaky Secretive
Malevolently Vicious hatred Wish to do evil to others
Enthusiasm High interest Excited
Cynically People motivated by self-intrest Distrustful of human nature
Timid Shy Showing a lack of courage or confidence Easily frightened
Corpulent Fat
Modest Humble Shy Not assertive Moderate in the estimation of ones abilities
Loathing Hate Intense dislike or disgust
Abominable Causing moral revulsion Unpleasant
Demure Reserved Modest shy
Derisive Mocking scornfully Expressing contempt of ridicule
Demented Mad Insane Driven to behave irrationally due to anger, distress, or excitement
Morbid Death/murder Characterized by appealing to abnormal intrest in unpleasant subjects
Oblong Having an elongated shape
Inherent Basic Existing as a permanent, essential, or characteristic attribute
Situational irony Contrast between what a reader thinks will happen and what actually happens Situation in which actions have opposite effect of what is intended
Dramatic Irony Situation where the audience knows something the actors do not
Verbal Irony When someone exaggerates Sarcasm: saying one thing meaning another
Satirical Irony Bitterly critical of society For the use of the mockery of something
Justified With good reason
Precarious Unsafe Unstable Not securely held in place, likely to fall over
Primitive First Not developed Originating in unconscious need and unaffected by reasoning
Weariness Tiredness
Cunning Deceitful Clearly thought out
Defects Flaws
Gingerly Very cautious
Tension Anxious feelings Stretched to tight
Rashness Lack of consideration of possible consequences of actions Thoughtlessness Act on impulse
Crevice A narrow opening
Suspense Excited and uncertain DOubtful of the possible out come
Mood How the reader feels
Antagonist Person who appears hostile to another Adversary
Foreshadowed Clues to the future A warning or indication of a future event
Climax The most exciting part Turning point
Daring Adventurous Bold and Brave
Ferocity Savegely fierce Cruel or violent
Created by: IloveZeus



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