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cybersafety vocab

attachment a file sent with the text of an email
backup a copy of files and data made regularly for safe keeping
CD ROM a disk containing data and files that can be read on a computer
computer virus software that causes problems and destruction when it runs on a computer
cybersecurity safety software, tools and attitudes used when working online
data information stored electronically
download a copy of data or files brought to your computer
DVD disk for holding large amounts of data, such as movie files
email messages sent electronically
flash drive a portable hard disk drive that can be plugged into any computer
infected a computer that has viruses and malware is said to be infected
internet a world wide network of computers for sharing information and data
internet-enabled device a device that can connect to the internet, such as a phone and an ipod
malware software written to casue destruction of data and problems for users
online being connected to the internet
popup a small internet window that displays, even if you don't click anything
report passing information along to parents, teachers or other authorities
scan to check a computer for viruses and malware
site a collection of files and information on the internet, that you read with an internet browser, such as Safari
USB a way to connect devices to a computer, like disk drives, printers and cameras
virus software that can cause problems and destruction
web computer network for sharing information using texts, graphics and sounds
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