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ch 3, 4, 8, & 12

Pt. Care final

Radiation is heat loss mechanism described as loss of heat from the patients body to the environment
The caloric requirements of infants is increased by _______ with a major operation 20-30%
Eupena is defined as Normal breathing
According to the life task approach, at what age must the individual adjust to changes in body structure and size adolescent
A pt is obese if their body weight is ____ or greater than ideal body weight 100lbs
Individuals age and change. The study of______ attempts it identify, quantify, and describe these changes Human development
Blunt trauma results from all the following forces EXCEPT gunshot wound
Conduction is a heat loss mechanism described as loss of heat from pts body into a cooler surface
Most common skin prep in the OR is abdominal and thoracoabdominal
For preparation of these areas, a piece of sterile plastic sheeting may be used for protection Eyes, ears, face, and nose
Geriatric pts are those in a specific age group, usually over the age of 65 y/o
Which of the following is not one of the three definitions of death Hepatic
A pt undergoing surgery for a hemithorax would be placed in what position lateral
for this skin prep, an assistant should don sterile gloves to facilitate prepping and a moisture proof pad may be placed to collect excess solution extremity
Which position is a modification of the Fowler's position Sitting
When does the surgeon and surgical assistant begin the surgical scrub when the circulator begins the pts skin prep
The Sims position is the preferred position for Endoscopy
To cleanse the urethral meatus for insertion of the urinary catheter, the _________ of the female pts should be retracted with the non-dominant hand labia
What is one of the more dangerous instruments used intraoperatively scalpel
Normal blood pressure values for an adult is a systolic of _____ and a diastolic of ____ less than 120; less than 80
The most effective means for maintaining body temperature for pts 2 yrs and younger is wrapped and covered extremities
What means of monitoring blood pressure is used in some critically ill pts, especially in the OR setting, that provides constant, accurate data intra-arterial BP monitor
Convection is a heat loss mechanism described as loss of heat into air currents
The pulse may be felt in any point of the bony that has near surface arteries and bony understructures. There are _____ pulse points in the body 8
BP is usually expressed as two numbers, diastole refers to the relaxation phase of the heart
The general boundaries for a hip procedure prep are abdomen on affected side, entire leg and foot, buttocks to the table line groin, and pubis
What is the most commonly used size catheter 14 & 16 French
The areas to be prepped will include the shoulder, the upper arm and extending down to the elbow, the axilla and the chest to the table line and the the shoulder opposite from the affected side chest and breast
A change in blood temperature as little as ____ signals the body to increase heat production 0.04*
Cheyne-Stokes is defined as fast, deep breaths for a period of time, followed by 20-60 seconds of apnea
which of the following is not a consideration when choosing a skin prep agent cost
the dorsal recumbent position is also called supine
To access the retroperitoneal space the patient should be placed in what position Kidney
Bradypnea is a pattern of breathing defined as slow, even respirations
All of the following facilitate drainage of urine EXCEPT the collection unit is placed above the level of the bladder
What type of instruments would not be passed with a slight "snap" into the surgeons palm microsurgical
The kraske position would be used for what surgical procedure hemorrhoidectomy
All of the following are general categories of causes of death EXCEPT regressed
To fill a 15cc balloon on a catheter it would require 30cc's
The desired position for surgical procedure on the dorsal body surface would be? Prone
The immunocompromised status of a pt can be influenced by many factors. Which of the following is not a factor? Autoimmune disease
Body regions that may be accessed with the pt in Trendelenburg position include The pelvis and lower abdominal
Respiration is triggerd whenever the ____ level in the blood increases CO2
What operative tool should be checked for cleanliness and cleaned if necessary each time it is used electrosurgical pencil
The balloon on a urinary catheter is inflated with sterile water
The ideal position for catheterization of the female patient is frog-legged
The general boundaries for hand procedure preps are entire arm, shoulder, axilla, including hand
BP is usually expressed as two numbers, the higher of the numbers is called the _____ BP reading systolic
The two common types of shock in all age groups hypovolemic; septic
________ defines who and what one truly believes about one self self concept
BP is usually expressed as two numbers, the lower of the number is called ____ BP reading Diastolic
Which of the following is not true regarding hair and the surgical prep Hair most likely wont interfere with the surgical site and should not be shaved to avoid microbial growth in any breaks in skin surface caused by its removal
Before transporting a pt, what need to be done All, pt should be correctly id'd side rails need to be up, pt should be covered with a warm blanker
Kussmaul's breathing pattern is defined as fast, deep, labored breaths over 20 per minute
Apnea is defined as no breathing
Self-contained units shown to have a long lasting antimicrobial effect and leave an antimicrobial film on the skin single-use application
Tachypnea is defined as rapid breaths that rise with body temperature
Which catheter is most commonly used foley
The general boundaries for shoulder prep are base of neck, shoulder, scalpula, chest to midline, axilla, circumference of upper arm to mid humerous
What would be the potential hazard for a pt in reverse Trendelenburg position venous stasis
The desired position for a surgical procedure of the perineum would be lithotomy
After opening the sterile kit containing the urethral catheter, what should be done first don sterile gloves using the open glove technique
BP is usually referred as two numbers, systole refers to contraction phase of the heart
The surgical skin prop is performed on the surgical patient for all the following reasons EXCEPT to sterilize the site of the surgical incision
For a pt in the supine position, the armboards should be positioned at no more than a 90* angle
Which position is also called the beach chair Fowler's
Drainage of urine from the urinary bladder occurs by gravity
Evaporation is a heat loss mechanism described as loss of heat via perspiration or respiration
Foley catheterization is considered an ______ procedure invasive
This modification of the supine position is used to displace the abdominal organs caudad to provide better visualization of the surgical site Reverse Trendelenburg
The postoperative phase of case management begins with the application of the dressing
When performing urethral catheterization, what must be done immediately preceding and immediately following the procedure hand washing
The most common artery used to measure to pulse is the radial
The general boundaries for bilateral leg procedure prep are both legs from toes to waist level
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is a model of Human development
What is the minimum number of personnel needed to transport an unconscious pt from the OR 4
The function of respiration is ______ and is controlled by the ______ involuntary; medulla oblongata
Where is the apical pulse point located to the left of the sternum
__________ occasionally occurs due to direct pressure on the infants face by the mothers pelvis or the use of forceps peripheral facial nerve paralysis
The ideal position for catheterization of the male patient is supine
The general boundaries for foot and ankle procedure preps foot and entire leg from ankle to knee
Normal respirations is ___ respirations for every ____ heartbeat 1;4
Catheters come in a wide variety of sizes. Pick the smallest from the following 8 French
Which of the following is not an indication for urethral catheterization urethral cyst
Which of the following is not a description of dysrhythmia pulse of 60-80 bpm
Human body temperature is regulated by the hypothalamus
Abdominal surgical procedures on the pregnant patient are best performed in the 2nd trimester
The safety belt on a patient positioned supine is 2 inch proximal to knees
Exposure to drugs increases body temperature
Infection increases body temperature
Pregnancy increases body temperature
Increased physical exertion increases body temperature
Stress increases body temperature
Medication increases body temperature
Decreased physical activity decreases body temperature
Age increases and decreases body temperature
Viral infections Decreases body temperature
Exposure to environment heat increases body temperature
Metabolism decreasing drugs decreases body temperature
Depressed emotional state decreases body temperature
Exposure to environmental cold decreases body temperature
Provides a rapid and significant reduction in skin microbial counts alcohol
Provides a longer residual effect chlorexidine
Less likely to cause skin irritation and does not need to be removed iodophors
All necessary procedures must be carried out prior to performing the surgical skin prep foley catheterization; anesthesia administration; skin marking; hair removal; exposure of the surgical site; positioning
Goss soil and skin oils must be removed from the planned operative site may require the use of fat solvent or degreaser; may require the use of a scrub brush/or nail cleaner
Prep fluids may not be allowed to accumulate adjacent to or under the pt may cause chemical irritation; increases the risk of electrosurgical burn
The pt allergy status must be a consideration prior to application of any chemical an alternate antiseptic may be needed
Certain areas are considered contaminated and may require special attention The general rule in prepping these areas is to prep the surrounding areas first and contaminated area last
Two separate skin preps may be necessary skin-graft donor and recipient sites
The prep is initiated at the planned incision site and carried toward the periphery using a widening circular motion
An assistant may be necessary to elevate a large limb that must be circumferentially prepped
The recommendations of the antiseptic manufacturer must be followed exposure time
During the surgical skin prep preoperative skin markings must not be removed
Ear noninvasive
Bladder Invasive
Esophageal Invasive
Skin sticker noninvasive
Touch noninvasive
Oral Invasive
Rectal Invasive
Axilla noninvasive
A physicians order is required for catheterization TRUE
Maintenance of a normal core temperature decreases the incidence of wound infection, may reduce blood loss, shortens the hospital stay, and helps decrease the incidence of fatal cardiac events TRUE
It is important that the catheter be connected to an open drainage measurement system at all times to prevent infection TRUE
Decompression of the bladder by urethral cauterization facilitates healing of urinary tract structures following GU procedures TRUE
Catheters are only made with latex FALSE
After the balloon on the catheter has been tested, the syringe should be left attached to the port TRUE
Most of the pts heat loss occurs in the early stages of the procedure TRUE
Drainage of urine by urethral catheterization can be used to obtain a sterile urine specimen TRUE
30% of all nonsocomial infections are UTI's FALSE
Created by: E.Ochoa
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