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KD Points


Where does the KD line change from 0.5 cun to 2 cun? KD 22
What is the location of KD 1? On the sole of the foot, between the 2nd & 3rd metatarsals, approx. 1/3 the distance between the base of the 2nd toe and the heel, in a depression formed when the foot is plantar flexed.
What point is used to downbear excess from head with indications like vertex headache & dizziness? KD 1
What is the primary point to treat hot flashes? KD 2
What point is used with HT 3, to regulate the KD, when it and the heart are not communicating? KD 2
What is the source point? What is its location? KD 3. In the depression between the tip of the medial malleolus & the Achilles tendon.
Which point is used to supplement KD Qi & invigorate original yang? KD 3
What is the luo-network pt? KD 4
What is the pinyin & english for KD 3? Tai Xi, Supreme Stream
What point is used to supplement essence-spirit for fear & anxiety disorders? KD 4
What is the location of KD 5? 1 cun inferior to KD 3, in a depression on the medial side of the tuberosity of the calcaneus.
What is the best point to disinhibit and benefit the throat for dry sore throat (w/ LU 7)? KD 6
What is the jing-river pt? KD 7
What point is best to regulate the sweat pores for spontaneous and night sweating? KD 7
What point is used w/ SP 1 with moxa to stop uterine bleeding for flooding & irregular menstruation? KD 8
What point eliminates damp-heat in the lower jiao for indications such as pain & swelling of the testicles and leukorrhea? KD 8
What KD point is lateral to Ren 2? KD 11
KD 11 & 12 are located on the lower abdomen. According to their location, they can be used to treat what? Seminal emission & vaginal discharge
KD 13-15 can all treat what kind of disorders? Menstrual disorders
KD 15 can treat what kind of vacuity-related condition? Constipation (d/t heat repletion, dryness, qi vacuity, or yin vacuity)
What is the horary point? KD 10
Located from the umbilicus to the upper abdomen, in general KD 16-21 treat what indications? Abdominal distention and pain, diarrhea, constipation, and vomiting.
KD 19 is level with what other 2 points? Ren 12 & ST 21
KD 22-27 are located on the chest and treat what general indications? Cough, dyspnea, distention and fullness of the chest and lateral costal region, and chest pain.
KD 27 is an important point to ___. Open the back-shu points and galvanize qi.
What 2 points are used for mammary yong disorder? KD 23 & 24
What is the phone number for the KD channel? 345-
Created by: ElisaDanger