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PBHS People II

People in History

First Permanent English settlement in North America Jamestown
Revolutionary War Naval officer, "I have not yet begun to fight." John Paul Jones
Attorney General and US Senator murdered in 1968 by Sirhan Sirhan Robert Kennedy
N. Guard fired on students protesting at Kent State University in Ohio (1970,) four students killed Kent State Incedent
Led boycott against segregated bus lines in Montgomery, AL. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Founded Southern Christian Leadership Conference Martin Luther King, Jr.
Assassinated by James Earl Ray in 1964 in Memphis, TN. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Sec. of State under Nixon and Ford, China Detente Henry Kissenger
Louisiana Gov, "Kingfish," assassinated before his presidential campaign Huey Long
Founded Girl Scouts in 1912 Julliet Gordon Low
Allied general in Pacific theater, removed by Truman in Korean War Douglas Macarthur
First black Supreme Court Justice, appointed by LBJ Thurgood Marshall
Wisconsin Senator, Hollywood Blacklist, The Second Red Scare Joseph McCarthy
US Admiral of Pacific Fleet during WWII Chester Nimitz
Sharpshooter of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, "Little Sure Shot" Annie Oakley
Founder of colony of Georgia as asylum for debtors James Oglethorpe
Quaker founder of Pennsylvania William Penn
First US woman cabinet member, Sec. of Labor Frances Perkins
Opened isolationist Japan to Western trade Matthew Perry
"We have met the enemy and they are ours" Oliver Hazard Perry
Comanded the AEF in WWI John "Black Jack" Pershing
Carried water to her husband and other soldiers at Battle of Monmouth (1778) Molly Pitcher
Founded Boy Scouts Robert Baden Powell
Replacement for Macarthur during Kprean War (1951) Matthew Ridgeway
First woman governor (Wyoming) Nellie Taylor Ross
American couple executed for being Soviet spies Julius & Ethel Rosenburg
"Old Fuss and Feathers," hero of War of 1812 Winfield Scott
Site of women's rights conventions organized by Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Stanton Seneca Falls
Union General famous for march from Atlanta to Atlantic Ocean, destroying everything on the way William Tecumseh Sherman
Denounced the Japanese invasin of Manchuria Henry Louis Stimson
Supreme Court Justice that presided over Dred Scott case Roger Brooke Taney
Escaped slave/ abolitionist that helped run the Underground Railroad Harriet Tubman
Slave that led an effective slave revolt (1831,) hanged same year Nat Turner
Railroad magnate, connected Chicago and New York Cornelius Vanderbilt
Presided over Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka Kansas, led commission investigating JFK's murder Earl Warren
Founder of Rhode Island Roger Williams
First Governor os Massachusetts John Winthrop
Created by: gkarlish