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PBHS German History

German History

Largest Nazi concentration during WWII Aushwitz
Mistress and wife of Adolf Hitler. Married shortly before their suicide Eva Braun
Nazi. Head of the Gestapo's Jewish section. Escaped to Argentina. Hung In Israel in 1962 Adolf Eichmann
Nazi propaganda minister during WWII Joseph Goebbels
Leader of the Luftwaffe (Nazi Air Force) Hermann Goering
War hero from WWI. Beat Hitler in elections but appointed him Chancellor in 1933 Paul von Hindenburg
Organized the 'SS' (Nazi elite forces) and the 'Gestapo" (Nazi secret police) Heinrich Himmler
Led his Dur Fuhrer. Had 6 Million Jews Killed. Wrote -Mein Kampf- Adolf Hitler
Posted his 95 Theses to the Pope's door and was excommunicated in 1520 by Pope Leo X for starting the Reformation in Germany Martin Luther
German military commander known as "Desert Fox" Erwin Rommel
Nazi Minister of Architect during WWII Albert Speer
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