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PBHS People 1

People in History

Helped plan the Boston tea party and signed the Dec of Independence. Samuel Adams
Davy Crockett was killed at The Alamo
Santa Anna led the Mexicans against Texas at The Alamo
Authorized fining and imprisionment for public criticism of the government and was led by the VP, Thomas Jefferson. Alien and Sedition acts
Captured Fort Ticonderoga Ethan Allen
Father of Texas Stephen Austin
Angel of the Battlefield Clara Barton
Charged with the ax murder of her father and stepmother Lizzie Borden
1st Bloodshed of the American Revolution Boston Massacre
Died at the Alamo and invented the knife that bears his name. James Bowie
led the US 1st Army in the invasion of Normandy. Omar Bradley
French colonial governor and founder of Detroit Michigan Antoine Cadillac
convicted for 1931 for fedral income-tax evasion, served part of his sentence on Alcatraz, known as Scarface Al Capone
Johnny Appleseed John Chapman
Ted Kennedy's car accident in which a woman on his staff drowned. Chappaquiddick Incident
Led the United Farm Worker strike and the boycott against California grape growers. Cesar Chavez
Worked on the Missouri Compromiseand the Compromise of 1850 Henry Clay
Known as the "Great Compromiser" and "Great Pacificator" Henry Clay
Led the campaign against the Sioux on the Little Big Horn River. George Cluster
Derfense Attorney in Scopes trial. Clarence Darrow
First woman to fly across the Atlantic Amelia Earhart
The first person to fly alone from Hawaii to California. Amelia Earhart
Was involved in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona. Wyatt Earp
Said, "Damn the torpedoes" in Mobile, AL. David Farragut
First Officer in the US Navy to receive the rank of Admiral. David farragut
First woman major party VP candidate with Mondale. Geraldine Ferraro
14 goals put forth by Woodrow Wilson after WWI Fourteen Points
Four Score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation... Gettysburg Address
President of the Teamster's Union James Riddle Hoffa
Disappeared in 1975, widley believed to be a murder victim. James Riddle Hoffa
Nicknamed the "Great Dissenter" Oliver Holmes
160 acres of land to any family who lived on and cultivated the land for 5 years. Homestead Act
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