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PBHS Roman Emperors

Roman guys

41 year rule, 1/3 of second triumverate with Mark Antony and Lepidus, began Pax Romana Octavian
Spawned Julio-Claudian dynasty, "Gloomiest of Men," Christ crucified durin his reign Tiberius
First Roman emperor born outside Italy, disabled, conquered Britain, many public works Claudius
"Little Boots," wanted to make his horse Incitatus a consul Caligula
Last of Julio-Claudian dynasty, killed own mother, opened palace to homeless, burnt Rome Nero
Began Flavian dynasty Vespasian
Crushed Judean revolt Titus
Bad for economy, devalued Denarius, bad general, stabbed eight times Domitian
Empire reached greatest extent under his rule Trajan
Made wall in northern Scotland Hadrian
Last of Five Good Emperors, called "Philosopher Emperor," wrote "Meditations" Marcus Aurelius
Competed in gladiator fights, in movie Gladiator, strangled to death by wrestler Narcissus Commodus
Created the tetrarchy Diocletian
Converted to Christianity after seeing cross in the sky at Milvian Bridge Constantine
Issued Edict of Milan, which provided religious tolerance Constantine
Had his son Crispus and wife Fausta put to death Constantine
Created by: gkarlish