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PBHS Art 2

Art and sculpture

Also called "The Discus Thrower", original is lost; proportional body parts; sculpted by Myron Discobolus
Located on the Acropolis; tribute to Athena; giant gold statue of Athena by Phidias Parthenon
Located on the north side of the Acropolis; contains the caryatids, 6 female statues that act as columns; built by Mnesicles Erectheum
"Winged Victory", sculptor unknown; commemorates a sea victory; discovered in the 1800s; helenistic style Nike of Samothrace
Discovered in 1800s on Island of Milos. Sculpted by Alexandros of Antioch; located in the Louvre Venus de Milo
Has a Corinthian order of columns; round, with a hole in the top of the dome; commissioned by Marcus Agrippa, reconstructed by Hadrian Pantheon
Sketch of an architect by da Vinci; proportional body Vitruvian Man
One of Durer's three masterworks, the "moral sphere"; alludes to Psalm 23; shows Death holding an hourglass Knight, Death, and the Devil
One of Durer's three masterworks, the "theological sphere"; dog in the foreground; skull underneath a window St. Jerome in his Study
One of Durer's three masterworks, the "intellectual sphere"; contains a magic square, hour glass, and winged figure of a genius Melencolia I
Painted by Hans Holbein the Younger in 1533; contains an anamorphic skull that can be seen at just the right angle The Ambassadors
Painted by Dominikos Theotokapolis in 1586; contains a heavenly and an earthly sphere; contains a self-portrait of the artist and his son The Burial of the Count of Orgaz
Dominikos Theotokapolus's first landscape; shows and ominous sky and a city on a hill where he once lived View of Toledo
Painted by Tintoretto in 1594; shows Jesus and the 12 disciples in a dark room; not symmetrical The Last Supper
Painted by Caravaggio in 1599; tells the story of an Assyrian general killed by a young woman and her maid servant, Abora Judith Beheading Holofernes
Located in the Contarrelli Chapel; shows figures sitting at Levi's table in a Custom House with a man pointing at the titular figure; painted by Caravaggio in 1600 The Calling of St. Matthew
Painted by Caravaggio in 1601; shows Jesus at a table with Luke and other figures; food basket is about to fall off the table Supper at Emmaus
Painted by Hals in 1624; portrait of a Dutch nobleman about 26 years old The Laughing Cavalier
Rococo painting by Watteau in 1717; also called "Pilgrimmage to Cythera" Embarkation for Cythera
Painted by Fragonard in 1767; shows a woman in a pink frock kicking her shoe to her lover The Swing
Tells the story of a 14 year old orphan named Brook Watson being attacked by a shark; first reported shark attack; painted by Copley in 1778 Watson and the Shark
Shows Incubus sitting atop a swooning woman while a horse looks on through a curtain; painted by Fuseli in 1781 The Nightmare
Portrait of an 11 year old daughter of a plantation owner in Jamaica; hangs opposite of The Blue Boy in Huntington Museum; painted by Lawrence in 1794 Sarah Barrett Moulton: "Pinkie"
Series of 80 sketches lampooning contemporary Spanish society; painted by Goya in 1797-98 Los Caprichos
Only surviving wonder of the ancient world Pyramids of Egypt
Terraced gardens built by Nebuchadnezzar Hanging Gardens of Babylon
One of the seven ancient wonders; carved by Phidias Statue of Zeus at Olympia
Destroyed by the Goths in 262 AD; one of the seven wonders of the ancient world; located in Ephesus Temple of Artemis
Erected by queen Artemisia in honor of her husband King Mausolus Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
Gigantic statue of Apollo; destroyed by an earthquake in 224 BC Colossus of Rhodes
Marble lighthouse and watchtower; destroyed by earthquake in 1375 Pharos of Alexandria
Dutch artistic movement founded in 1917 in Amsterdam. Founding leaders were Mondrian and van Doesburg. Embraced abstract pared down visual elements such as geometric forms and primary colors. In part, a reaction of accesses of Art Deco. De Stijl (duh shteel') "The style".
Worked under Sullivan before founding a Chicago practice. Wright
"Prairie Style" Wright
Founder of the Bauhaus and designer of the Pan American Bldg Gropius
Gropius founded the _____ in 1919 in Weimar in Germany Bauhaus
Directed the Bauhaus 1930-1933 and shut it down before the Nazis could. "Less is more" van der Rohe
Mies van der Rohe espoused that " "Less is more"
Lake Shore Drive Apartments and the Seagram Bldg in NY van der Rohe
Mile High Center in Denver and the John Hancock Bldg Pei
named King's Surveyor of Works in 1669 by Charles II Wren
"Reader, if you seek a monument, look around you" inscription near his tomb Wren
He wrote the "Radiant City" and designed the Villa Savoye in Poissy, France; "A house is a machine for living in" Le Corbusier
Form should follow function; Wainwright Bldg in St. Louis Sullivan
Sullivan said that, " "Form should follow function"
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