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Comptia 220-801

basic computer concepts, PC hardare, basic networking, soft skills and safety

Which computer component contains all the circuitry necessary for other components or devices to communicate with one another? Motherboard. The motherboard holds the CPU, underlying circuitry, expansion slots, video components, RAM slots, and other chips.
Which packaging is used for DDR SDRAM memory? 184-pin DIMM.SDR SDRAM uses 168-pin DIMMs.
What memory chips would you find on a stick of PC3-16000? DDR3-2000. Remember the 8:1 rule.
Which motherboard design style features smaller size and lower power consumption? ITX. has smaller boards that fit in standard/miniature cases and use less power than their larger counterparts.
Which of the following socket types is required for the Intel Core 17-9xx desktop series? LGA 1366. is required for the 9xx series.
Which of the following is a socket technology that is designed to ease insertion of modern CPUs? ZIF. it is designed with a locking mechanism that when released alleviates the resistance of the socket to receiving the pins of the inserted chip
Which of the following is not controlled by the Northbridge? SATA. is controlled by the southbridge along with the other drive interfaces
Which of the following is used to store data and programs for repeated use? Information can be added and deleted at will, and it does not lose its data when power is removed Hard drive. stores data on a magnetic medium which does not lose information once power is off. it can be written to and erased repeatedly
Which socket type is required for an AMD Phenom II that uses DDR3 RAM? AM3. the only other version of Phenom II was for the AM2+ and is not compatible with DDR3 RAM
You press the front power button on a computer and the system boots. Later, you press it briefly and the system hibernates. You press and hold the button and the system shuts down. What is this feature called? Soft power. the feature whereby the front power button acts as a relay to initiate various system power changes
Which of the following are the numbers of pins that can be found on DIMM modules used in desktop motherboards? Choose three. 168, 184, 240. SDR SDRAM has 168 pin modules. DDR SDRAM & 16-bit RIMMs has 184-pin modules. DDR2 & DDR3 has 240 pin modules
To avoid software-based virtualization, which two components need to support hardware-based virtualization? Memory, BIOS. both the CPU and BIOS have to be designed to support virtualization in hardware
There is a boot password and a password preventing access to the BIOS utility. Which motherboard components will most likely allow you to boot the system without the password? Jumper. it will allow user to clear the CMOS memory which makes the BIOS use factory defaults including no user or password
The Core i5 fan has a 4-pin connector, but the motherboard has a single 3-pin header w/CPU_FAN label. What is the easiest solution to get the cooling needed for the CPU? Plug the 4-pin connector into the 3-pin header. allows control of the speed of the fan.
What is the combined total speed of a PCIe 2.0x16 slot? 16GBps.
Which of the following allows you to perform the most complete restart of the computer without removing power? Reset button. causes the computer to return to nearly the same point it is in when you power it on but without the need for power cycling.
Which of the following is most helpful when flashing the BIOS on a desktop computer system? Uninterruptible power supply. none are required but UPS is best because loss of power can be very annoying during the procedure
Which of the following have Intel and AMD integrated into their Atom and Fusion processor lines that hasnt been integrated before? A GPU. the CPU integrate the graphics processing unit.
You have just purchased a motherboard that has an LGA775 socket for an Intel Pentium 4 processor. What type of memory modules will you most likely need for this motherboard? DIMM.Pentium 4 processors are always mated with memory mounted on DIMMs
What type of expansion slot is preferred today for high-performance graphics adapters? PCIe.excels compared to the other options and offers technologies such as SLI which only make PCIe's advantage more noticeable
computer operating systems can be open source, meaning the OS can be examined and modified by _____________. anyone
A multitasking method that depends on the application itself to be responsible for using and then freeing access to the processor is known as ____________. cooperative multitasking
Because the operating system is essential for running all other programs it is usually the first piece of software loaded during the ___________. boot process
The ability of a single application to have multiple requests in to the processor at one time is known as what? multithreading
can you mix 64-bit software with 32-bit hardware? you cannot mix 64-bit software with 32-bit hardware
what is the minimum amount of memory recommended for Windows Vista Home Premium? 1GB
What is the minimum amount of free hard drive space recommended for installing a windows 7 32-bit version? 16GB
in Windows a primary mouse click is typically a single click of which mouse button? Left
the taskbar contains two major items the start menu and the _____________. system tray
A __________is a copy of your system configuration at a given point in time restore point
which control panel applet is used to configure screensavers, colors, display options, and monitor drivers? display
what is the name of the desktop interface available in Windows Vista? Aero
the ability to support so many languages is provided through the use of the _________standard. Unicode
A group of computers that are tightly connected or associated and share a common domain name will have a single authority that manages security for all the computers known as the ___________ domain controller
in Windows 7. Vista, and XP, every user automatically is given a user _______when they log on to the workstation that contains information about their settings and preferences profile
true/false: remote assistance is enabled by default true. remote assistance is enabled by default
the _____command indicates whether the host can be reached and how long it took for the host to send a return packet PING
which option is used with NETSTAT to display all connections and listening ports? -a
What switch is used with IPCONFIG to obtain a new IP address from a DHCP server? /RENEW
The _______utility can be used to schedule a shutdown (complete or a restart) locally or remotely SHUTDOWN.EXE
with Windows 7, there are 32-bit and 64-bit versions available for each of the editions you must know for the exam except ________. Starter
what feature of windows 7 and windows vista is intended to prevent unintentional/ unauthorized changes to the computer by either prompting for permission/ requiring the administrator password UAC-user account control
the ______feature of windows 7/vista allows you to use drive encryption to protect files, including those needed for startup and logon bit locker
the windows 7, the _______feature allows you to use free space on a removable drive to speed up a system by caching content. ready boost
windows 7 includes the ________antispyware program. windows defender
windows 7 has a quick way to access files you've been working on through their association with the application that has been using them. this feature is known as______ jump list
a simplified way to set up a home network was added to windows 7. it is known as __________ home group
in windows 7 ________allow you to logically (as opposed to physically) group files and folders that are not in the same location and make them appear as if they are libraries
microsoft windows _______allows you to migrate user files settings related to the applications desktop configuration and accounts user state migration tool (USMT)
during the startup of windows 7 what holds information about OSs installed on the computer such as the location of the OS files boot configuration data (BCD)
what is the maximum number of CPUs supported by Windows Vista Home Premium? One
Which edition of Windows Vista supports BitLocker and is not available through the retail channel? Enterprise
in windows vista what is the name for mini programs that can be placed on the sidebar, allowing them to run quickly and personalize the PC? Gadgets
in windows vista, the ________provides a single interface for firewall settings, automatic updating, malware protection, and other security settings windows security center
true/false:in windows vista, you can turn off the UAC feature true. while turning UAC off is not recommended you can do so by choosing Start>control panel>user accounts and clicking turn user account control on or off
to what versions of windows vista can windows xp professional be upgraded? windows vista business and windows vista ultimate
what file in windows serves as the hardware abstraction layers? HAL.DLL
windows firewall has been a component of windows ever since __________. windows xp service pack 2
the default setting for enforce password history is 0. how high can this value go? 24
what control panel applet in windows vista can be used to configure the device on which the operating system is installed to function as a true tablet? tablet PC settings applet
setup manager is not an unattended installation method in and of itself but is used to create _______files. answer
what type of operating system installation installs the most commonly used components of the software but not all of the components? typical
older windows server operating systems have a feature called remote installation service (RIS) which allows you to perform several network installations at one time. beginning with windows server 2008 SP2 ris was replaced by __________. windows deployment service (WDS)
________is the process of dividing part or all of a hard drive into sections, or partitions, for use by the computer partitioning
on each harddrive the _______contains the partitition information for the harddrive and includes the beginning and end of each partition that has been defined on the drive master boot record (MBR)
windows XP includes a utility known as the _______that will transfer most of your files and individual application settings from an old computer to a new one files and settings transfer wizard
with windows xp what file starts the loading of an OS on the computer? NTLDR
with windows xp to access safe mode you must press what key when the OS menu is displayed during the boot process? F8
true/false: windows xp home edition does not have remote desktop only remote desktop connection true. windows xp home edition does not have remote desktop only remote desktop connection. therefore windows xp home computers can connect to other computers but not be connected to from other computers
what contol panel applet is unique to windows xp and can be used to add or remove network connections? the network connections applet (start>control panel>network connections)
ideally your systems should have a minimum of ______physical barriers. three
____is the term used for someone being so close to you when you enter a building that they are able to come in right behind you without needing to use a key a card or any other security device tailgating
______is a common physical access method that involves digging through dumpsters or recycle bins looking for information that is highly sensitive in nature like password. dumpster diving
_____devices such as hand scanners and retinal scanners use physical characteristics to identify the user biometric
what is the name of film or glass add-ons that are placed over a monitor and prevent the data on the screen from being readable when viewed from the sides? privacy filters
a firewall operating as a _______passes or blocks traffic to specific addresses based on the type of application packet filter
the concept of ______is a simple one: when assigning permissions give users only the permissions they need to do their work and no more least privilege
____is a process in which an attacker attempts to acquire information about your network and system by social means such as talking to people in the organization social engineering
what is a type of malicious software that acts on behalf of a third party (rather than self-replicating,;like viruses and worms it is spread to machines by users who inadvertently ask for it)? spyware
_____is a form of social engineering in which you simply ask someone for a piece of information that you are missing by making it look as if it is a legitimate request phishing
if your running into a software problem on a computer the first step (after understanding what the problem is and getting any relevant error messages written down) should always be to _________ reboot
true/false: when trying solutions to fix a problem, make only one change to the computer at a time true
what is BSOD? the blue screen of death (BSOD)not a technical term by the way is another way of describing the blue screen error condition that occurs when windows fails to boot properly or quits unexpectedly
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