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CompSci Exam Review

MCCJH Computer Science Semester Exam Review

The home row keys in keyboarding are: asdf jkl;
Your fingers on the home row keys, which finger do you use to strike the Enter key on the keyboard. ; finger
Your fingers on the home row keys, which finger do you use to strike the “m” key on the keyboard. j finger
In typing you must first build _________ before you can work on _____________. accuracy/speed
What OpenOffice.org programs did we use this semester? Writer, Impress, Calc, Base
One way to start an OpenOffice.org program is To click the Start button and choose Programs, then select the Office program you want to open
To select a command using a menu open the menu, then select the command.
To find out the name of a toolbar button Hover your mouse pointer over the button and wait a second; the name will appear
What type of program is Writer a word processing program.
When you select a frame, whether it’s picture frame or a text frame it will be surrounded by handles
You can use Writer to create: Letters, Memos and Reports
A misspelled word in a Writer document appears underlined in red
The feature which allows you to type continuously without hitting return is word wrap
Print Layout View options allows you to display a document as it will appear when printed
You can easily change the appearance of text in a document by changing the font, size, and color.
Left, right, center and full are alignment options
The main purpose of social networking websites is to connect many different users together in an online environment
If you receive a series of insulting IMs from someone at school, you can Ignore/delete the first IM; save any further IMs; tell a parent or other adult you trust
Calc is a spreadsheet program.
You can use Calc to organize and analyze data, and perform powerful Calculations
Where in Calc can you find both the cell reference and the contents of an active cell? Formula Bar
The location of a cell in a workbook is defined by its Cell Reference
What is the formula bar used for in Calc? Display and edit cell contents, formulas, and functions
A formula in a Calc spreadsheet always begins with an equal sign.
The button on the Standard Toolbar allows you to quickly calculate the sum of columns or rows of numbers is AutoSum button
Centering data across a series of columns will cause your data to do what? Remain in the current cell, but be displayed and printed in the center most cell in the selected columns
Impress is a presentation program that Helps you to create and present professional slide presentations
The Outline view of an Impress presentation is used for displaying The content and presentation structure.
What is a Design Template? A pre-designed presentation template you can use to make your presentation look more professional
Which effect can be applied to slides in a presentation to create a flow from one slide to the next? Slide Transition Effect
Which parts of a presentation can you print? Slides, Handouts and Outline
Access can best be described as A database program you can use to manage large lists of data
A valid application for a database is Storing information such as mailing lists, billing information, client orders and recipes
Steps in planning a database include: Determining how others will use the database, Gather information you want to store, determine what fields you need
A record is a Collection of information about one person, place, or thing in a table
A field is A category of data in a table.
A form consists of Fields
You can sorted data in: Ascending and Descending order
If you wanted to learn about George W. Bush’s term as governor of Texas—but not his term as U.S. President—your search string would be: “George W. Bush” + Texas - President
In writing a report, you can use information from websites as long as you Cite it properly
What type of computer holds information that can be shared with other computers? Server
What is shouting? When you TYPE AN EMAIL IN ALL CAPS
Which options are a part of a domain name? .gov .edu .com .org .net
The step in data process flow when the computer acts on data is called Process
Data that has meaning is Information
Each time a character is entered into the computer, the computer processes a collection of 0’s and 1’s that open or close circuits to output the correct symbol to the monitor. (T/F) True
The part of the computer that permanently stores data and program instructions so that they can be accessed during processing is called ROM
The part of a computer system that is the “brains” of the machine, and that performs the arithmetic, makes decisions, and executes program instructions is called the ___ ___ __. It is a hardware component that is found inside the computer console. Central Processing Unit
Programs that do things for computer users are known as Application software.
A small picture displayed on a computer screen that when chosen with the mouse can cause the computer to do something is called a(n) Icon
Created by: phandcox