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5/21/13 WD2 SA

proxy server a server that mediates traffic between a protected network and the internet. translates IP addresses and filters traffic
Application-level gateway a firewall component that inspects all packets addressed to a user-level application uses proxies to control and filer traffic on a connection-by-connection basis. also provides authentication
Network address translation (NAT) the practice of hiding internal IP addresses from the external network
Extra net A network that connects enterprise intranets to the global internet. designed to provide access to selected external users
tunneling protocol a protocol that encapsulates data packets into another packet
point-to-point tunneling protocol (PPTP) A protocol that allows users and corporations to securely extend their networks over the internet using remore access servers. used t o create VPNs
IP security an authentication and encryption standard that provides security over the internet. it functions at layer 3 of the OSI/RM and can secure all packets transmitted over the network
internet fraud A scam or other deceptive practice committed via the internet usually for the purpose of monetary gain or identity theft
identity theft Fraud committed in your name by someone else who has illicity gained access to your personal info
online stalking To pursue stealthily harass and or prey upon another person using onlu venues such as chat rooms email social networking sites, etc. the stalker may also meets the victim in an online venue and may gain his or her trust before perpetrating harassment acti
cyber bullying willful harm inflicted on others through the use of info and communication technologies.
Created by: ash.sa2