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CIS 110 Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Computer Security and Safety, Ethics, and Privacy

An alternative to e-mail filtering is to purchase a(n) ____ program that attempts to remove a message before it reaches a user’s inbox. anti-spam
To avoid items users can sign up for ____, which is a service from an Internet service provider that blocks e-mail messages from designated sources. e-mail filtering
____ is an unsolicited e-mail message or newsgroup posting sent to many recipients or newsgroups at once. spam
A(n) ____ program protects a computer against viruses by identifying and removing any computer viruses found in memory, on storage media, or on incoming files. antivirus
Many Web sites require a user to enter a ____, which is a private combination of characters associated with a user name that allows access to certain computer resources. password
Many Web sites require a user to enter a user ____, which is a unique combination of characters, such as letters of the alphabet or numbers. name
A UPS connects between a computer and a ____. power source
A ____ is a numeric password either assigned by a company or selected by a user. PIN
A ____ is a small text file that a Web server stores on a user’s computer. cookie
A ____ is the unit of energy a surge protection device can absorb before it can be damaged. joule
A certificate ____ is an authorized person or company that issues and verifies digital certificates. certificate
A computer ____ risk is any event or action that could cause a loss of or damage to computer hardware, software, data, information, or processing capability. security
A momentary overvoltage, called a ____, occurs when the increase in power lasts for less than one millisecond (one thousandth of a second). surge
A particularly devastating type of DoS attack is the ____ DoS attack, in which multiple unsuspecting computers are used to attack multiple computer networks. distributed
A personal ____ is a utility program that detects and protects a personal computer and its data from unauthorized access. firewall
A system ____ is the prolonged malfunction of a computer. failure
A virus ____ is an e-mail message that warns users of a nonexistent virus, worm, or Trojan horse. hoax
A(n) ____ certificate is a notice that guarantees a user or Web site is legitimate. digital
A(n) ____ copies all of the files in a computer. full backup
A(n) ____ gives authors and artists the exclusive rights to duplicate, publish, and sell their materials. copyright
A(n) ____ has the same intent as a cracker, but does not have the technical skills and knowledge. script kiddie
A(n) ____ is a device that contains surge protection circuits and one or more batteries that can provide power during a temporary or permanent loss of power. UPS
A(n) ____ is a duplicate of a file, program, or disk that can be used if the original is lost, damaged, or destroyed. backup
A(n) ____ is an injury or disorder of the muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, and joints. RSI Repetitive stress injury
A(n) ____ is someone who uses e-mail as a vehicle for extortion. cyberextortionist
A(n) ____ is someone who uses the Internet or network to destroy or damage computers for political reasons. cyberterrorist
A(n) ____ network, the most recent network standard, conforms to the government security standards and uses more sophisticated encryption techniques than WPA. 802.11i
A(n) ____ occurs when the electrical supply drops. undervoltage
A(n) ____ occurs when the incoming electrical power increases significantly above the normal 120 volts. overvoltage
A(n) ____ program secretly collects information about a user. spyware
A(n) ____ source is a company or person a user believes will not send a virus-infected file knowingly. trusted
A(n) ____ suppressor uses special electrical components to smooth out minor noise, provide a stable current flow, and keep an overvoltage from reaching a computer and other electronic equipment. surge
An IT code of conduct is a written guideline that helps determine whether a specific computer action is ____. ethical
Computer ____ are the moral guidelines that govern the use of computers and information systems. ethics
Computer ____ occurs when a computer consumes someone’s entire social life. addiction
Computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and rootkits are classified as ____, which are programs that act without a user’s knowledge and deliberately alter the computer’s operations. malware
Content ____ is the process of restricting access to certain material on the Web. filtering
Digital ____ is the discovery, collection, and analysis of evidence found on computers and networks. forensics
_____________is used by military intelligence, insurance agencies and law enforcement digital forensics
Employee ____ involves the use of computers to observe, record, and review an employee’s use of a computer, including communications such as e-mail messages, keyboarding activity, and Web sites visited. monitoring
In the case of system failure or the discovery of corrupted files, users ____ the files by copying the backed up files to their original location on a computer. restore
Information ____ refers to the right of individuals and companies to deny or restrict the collection and use of information about them. privacy
nternet advertising firms often use ____ to collect information about users Web browsing habits. spyware
Many businesses use ____ to limit employees’ Web access. content filtering
One approach to content filtering is through a rating system of ____, which is similar to those used for movies and videos. icra
One of the more common causes of ____ is an electrical power variation. system failure
One type of spyware, called a(n) ____, is hidden on Web pages or in e-mail messages in the form of graphical images. web bug
Personal computers, display devices, and printers should comply with guidelines of the ____ program. energy star
Software ____ is the unauthorized and illegal duplication of copyrighted software. piracy
Software ____ occurs when someone steals software media, intentionally erases software programs, or illegally copies a software program. theft
Some perpetrators use a technique called ____ in which they attempt to connect to wireless networks via their notebook computers while driving a vehicle through areas they suspect have a wireless network. war driving
Symptoms of a user with computer _________ include craving computer time, inability to stop computer activity, and neglecting of family and friends. addiction
The 1986 ____ provides the same protection that covers mail and telephone communications to electronic communications such as voice mail. Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA)
The 1988 ____ regulates the use of government data to determine the eligibility of individuals for federal benefits. Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act
To ____ a file means to make a copy of it. back up
To prevent ___________, take all of the following precautions: place a wrist rest between the keyboard and the edge of the desk, place the mouse at least six inches from the edge of the desk and minimize the number of switches between the mouse and the ke repetitive strain injury
To read encrypted data, the recipient must ____, or decipher, it into a readable form. decrypt
Users can purchase a software program that selectively ____ cookies. blocks
Users may have ____ if they have sore, tired, burning, itching or dry eyes blurred or double vision
Web ____ software is a program that restricts access to specified Web sites. filtering
Web sites use a ____ to keep track of items in a user’s shopping cart. session cookie
When a mobile user connects to a main office using a standard Internet connection, a ____ provides the mobile user with a secure connection to the company network server. VPN or virtual private network
With a three-generation backup policy, the child is the ____. most recent copy of the file
With a three-generation backup policy, the grandparent is the ____. oldest
With a three-generation backup policy, the parent is the ____. second oldest copy of the file
With a(n) ____, users choose which folders and files to include in a backup. selective
___ detection software automatically analyzes all network traffic, assesses system vulnerabilities, identifies any unauthorized access (intrusions), and notifies a network administrator of suspicious behavior patterns or system breaches. intrusion
____ is a program placed on a computer without the user’s knowledge. spyware
____ is a scam in which a perpetrator sends an official looking e-mail that attempts to obtain a user’s personal and financial information. phishing
____ is a technique intruders use to make their network or Internet transmission appear legitimate to a victim computer or network. spoofing
___ is an applied science devoted to incorporating comfort, efficiency, and safety into the design of items in the workplace. ergonomics
___ is any unwanted signal, usually varying quickly, that is mixed with the normal voltage entering a computer. noise
____ is/are not considered spyware because a user knows it/they exist(s). cookies
____ means in a location separate from the computer site. off-site
____ occurs when someone steals personal or confidential information. information theft
___ use is the use of a computer or its data for unapproved or possibly illegal activities. unauthorized
____ rights are the rights to which creators are entitled for their work. intellectual property
____, which allows users to choose an encryption scheme that passes between a client and a server, requires that both the client and server have digital certificates. s-http or secure http
__, which provides encryption of all data that passes between a client and an Internet server, requires only that the client has a digital certificate Transport Layer Security (TLS)
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