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AS-350 Systems

Aircraft Systems

Describe the Main Rotor Hub Starflex semi-rigid, bearingless hub (laminated resin star) without a drag damper. No grease nipples. Modular fail-safe design.
Of what materials are the main rotorblades made ? Rotor Spar is made from fiberglass. The rotor skin is glass fabric. The core is foam. Fail-safe design.
How many suspension bars support the helicopter in flight ? Four (4)
How is the Main Gearbox attached to the airframe ? by a flexible bi-directional suspension.
How many stages of gear reduction are in the Main gearbox? Two (2)
What type of gear reduction are each of the gear reduction stages in the main gearbox (transmission) ? one (1) each bevel gear reduction & one (1) each epicylic (planetary)
How is the main gearbox lubricated ? pressure lubrication system
How is the Tail-rotor gearbox lubricated ? Splash lubrication.
What is the tail-boom strake and what is its purpose? The tail-boom strake is a "tab" of sheet metal that runs the length of the tail-boom and protrudes at an angle of 45 degrees from the Center / level longitudinal position and acts as a spoiler arresting the mangus effect from the rotor down-wash
What is the purpose of Ballast plates located in the tailboom? To correct the Center of Gravity position of an empty Helicopter.
Is the dorsal (upper) vertical fin on the tail-boom symmetrical or asymmetrical ? asymmetrical
Is the ventral (lower) vertical fin on the tail-boom symmetrical or asymmetrical ? symmetrical
Relative to the horizontal datum, is the horizontal stabilizer set at a positive or negative angle? Negative (which provides a nose up moment)
How many locks and caution-light microswitches are mounted on each baggage compartment door ? two locks and switches on each door.
Of what material is the rear engine firewall made? Stainless Steel
What are the three design features of the Astar that are designed to mitigate or prevent the onset of Ground Resonance ? Landing Gear Springs, Landing Gear cross-members , and Landing gear shock absorbers.
What are the three (3) major component groups of the Main Gearbox assembly ? The engine / MGB coupling, The Main Gearbox (housing), and Main Gear Box suspension.
How many modules make up the Main Rotor Gearbox and what are they Three (3) Module one (1) - Planetary Gear module Module two (2) - Bevel gear module Module three (3) - Lubricating pump
A drop below what pressure will illuminate the "MGB PRESS" warning light ? When the main gearbox oil box oil pressure drops below 1 bar the "MGB PRESS" light illuminates.
At what temperature does the Main Rotor Gearbox thermal switch illuminates the "MGB. T" warning light ?? The "MGB. T" light illuminates at 115 degrees Celsius
At what pressure does the MGB pressure relief valve open open to reduce the oil flow through the Transmission oil cooler in order to increase the temperature quickly? 6.5 bar
the weight of what component of the Main Rotor system are the blade sleeves balanced ? The Main Rotor sleeves are balanced to compensate for the weight of the (rotating) scissors.
Are the swashplate guides lubricated NO... They have a coating of teflon glass fabric
What are the four components of the rotor RPM monitoring system? 1 - magnetic rate sensor 2 - slotted wheel 3 - Main rotor shaft 4 - horn
Created by: PilotdougVegas
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