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Comptia A+ 22702 Ch3 Review Multiple Choice

Which of the following would be most appropriate for the workplace? (Select two.) Khaki trousers and a polo shirt trump jeans and a T-shirt every time. Clean, pressed khaki trousers Clean, wrinkle-free T-shirt Clean, wrinkle-free polo shirt Clean, pressed jeans
While manning the help desk, you get a call from a distraught user who says she has a blank screen. What would be a useful follow-up question? (Select two.) Go for the simple answer first. When faced with a blank screen, check to see if the computer and the monitor are on. Is the computer turned on? Is the monitor turned on? Did you reboot? What did you do?
While manning the help desk, you get a call from Sharon in accounting. She’s lost a file that she knows she saved to her hard drive. Which of the following statements would direct Sharon to open her My Documents folder in the most professional manner? Walking customers through the path to a fix by using simple, nontechnical words is the best way to accomplish tasks over the phone. Sharon, check My Documents. Sharon,many programs save files to a default folder,called My Documents.Let’s start there.Click the Start button and move the mouse until the cursor hovers over My Documents.Then press the left mouse button and tell me what you see when My Documents opens Probably just defaulted to My Docs. Why don’t you open Excel or whatever program you used to make the file, and then open a document and point it to My Documents? Look Sharon, I know you’re clueless when it comes to computers, but how could somebody lose a file? Just open up My Documents, and look there for the file
What tool should be in every technician’s toolkit? Every tech’s toolkit should have a Phillips-head screwdriver, at the very least. Pliers Hammer Straight-slot screwdriver Phillips-head screwdriver
When is it appropriate to yell at a user? Don’t get angry or yell at clients. When he screws up the second time. When he interrupts your troubleshooting. When he screws up the fifth time. Never.
When troubleshooting a software problem on Phoebe’s computer and listening to her describe the problem, your beeper goes off. It’s your boss. Which of the following is the most appropriate action for you to take? Focus on the customer and don’t use her things. Excuse yourself, walk out of the cube, and use a cell phone to call your boss. Pick up Phoebe’s phone and dial your boss’s number. Wait until Phoebe finishes her description and then ask to use her phone to call your boss. Wait until Phoebe finishes her description, run through any simple fixes, and then explain that you need to call your boss on your cell phone
You are at a customer’s workstation to install several software and hardware updates, a process that will take a while and require several reboots of the computer. What should you do about the password to the user’s account? In this circumstance, asking for a temporary password is the right answer. Make sure the user changes her password back before you leave the site. Require the customer to sit with you throughout the process so she can type in her password each time. Ask the user to write down her password for you to use. Ask the user to change her password temporarily for you to use. Call your supervisor.
Which of the following is a good practice after completing a troubleshooting call at someone’s office? A simple follow-up builds good will and trust. This is a very important step to take after completing a job. Follow up with a call within a couple days to make sure everything is going well with the fixed computer. Make copies of any passwords you used at the site for future reference. Document any particularly important people you met for future reference. Do nothing. Your work is finished there.
Which tool helps you avoid accidental static discharge by keeping you at the same electrical potential as the computer on which you’re working? An anti-static wrist strap keeps you at the same electrical potential as the computer. Anti-static spray Anti-static bag Anti-static wrist strap Phillips-head screwdriver
Which of the following helps prevent electromagnetic interference? Avoid putting magnets near computer gear to help prevent EMI. Use an anti-static bag. Use an anti-static wrist strap. Keep magnets away from computer components. Keep computers away from monitors.
Created by: john316