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SJP 3.01

Multimedia File Formats

AI A proprietary graphic format developed by Adobe Systems based on the older EPS format for storing vector-based graphics. Short for Adobe Illustrator.
AU An audio file format commonly used on computers running the UNIX operating system. developed by Sun Microsystems. Short for Audio. Same as AUFF on Macintosh
AVI A video file format associated with Microsoft Windows. Popular for downloading video files. Short for Audio-Video Interleave. Same as Vfw on Macintosh
BMP An uncompressed graphic format with support for 256 colors but without support for animation or transparency. Short for Bitmap
CDR A vector-based graphic format associated with the Corel Corporation. Short for Corel Draw
DXF A proprietary graphic format developed by Autodesk, Inc. for sharing graphical data between their AutoCAD software and other programs. Short for Drawing Exchange Format.
EPS A container file format for storing vector-based graphics coded in the PostScript programming language. Short for Encapsulated PostScript. Same as EPSF and EPSI.
FLA An animation file format associated with Flash. Short for Flash Animation. Same as FLAC.
FLV A video file format developed by Macromedia(which is now part of Adobe) for their Flash application. Popular for streaming video. Short for Flash Video.
GIF A graphic format commonly found online with support for 256 colors and transparency. Can display simple animations when viewed. Short for Graphic Interchange Format.
ICO A graphic format for storing Icons in Microsoft Windows operating systems that can contain multiple versions of the same image in different sizes and color palettes. Short for Icon.
JPEG A compressed graphic format commonly found online and designed for storing high-quality photographs with millions of colors. Does not support animation or transparency. Short for Joint Photographic Experts group. Same as JPG and JPE.
MIDI An industry-standard audio file format created to store musical instrumentation. Short for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Same as MID.
MOV A video file format assocaited with Apple Quicktime. Popular for downloading video filels. Short for Movie. Same as Moov on Macintosh.
MP3 A highly compressed audio file format. Used by most portable music players. Short for MPEG Audio stream, Layer III. Same as MPG3 on Macintosh.
MPEG The industry-standard video file format that is complementary to the JPEG image format. Has wide-spread support and is popular for downloading video files. Short for Moving Pictures Expert Group. Same as MPG.
PNG A graphic format that supports animation, layers, transparency, multiple color depths and is commonly used to preview images online. Short for Portable Network Graphic.
RA A proprietary audio file format developed by RealNetworks, Inc. Short for RealAudio.
RM A multimedia file format associated with RealNetworks, Inc. that is commonly used as a container to stream RealAudio and RealVideo content over the Internet. Short for RealMedia.
SVG An open-standard XML-based file format for two-dimensional vector graphics that support compression and script-based animation. Under development by the World Wide Web Consortium(W3C). Short for Scalable Vector Graphics.
SWF A multimedia file format associated with Flash. Short for Shockwave Flash, the initial name for Flash. Same as SWFL on Macintosh.
TIFF A lossless graphic format most commonly used to store faxes, scans, and other images for high resolution editing and printing. short for Tagged Image File Format. Same as TIF.
WAV A raw and uncompressed audio file format that produces a high-quality sound. Developed jointly by IBM and Microsoft as the native format for Windows sound files. Commonly used as the source format during the editing process. Short for Waveform. Same as WA
WMA A compressed audio file format that produces a high-quality sound. Developed by Microsoft to compete with the MP3 format. Short for Windows Media Audio.
WMF The native vector-based graphic format for Microsoft Office Clip Art. Short for Windows Meta File.
WMV A proprietary video file format developed by Microsoft. Short for Windows Media Video.
Created by: Shatoria