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Stack #127244

MLT boards- heme and hemostasis

The hemorrhagic problems assiciated with scurvy are due to a deficiency of ____________, which is a cofactor required for collagen synthesis. Vitamin C
approximately how many platelets dies an average megakaryocyte generate? 2000
Thrombocytopenia may be caused by all the following EXCEPT a. post-splenectomy b. chemotherapy c. decreased theombopoietin d. aplastic anemia a. post-splenectomy
During the hemostatic process, platelets interacting with ans binding to other platelets is referred to as aggregation
In platelet aggregation studies, certain aggregating agents induce a biphasic aggregation curve. To what is the second phase of aggregation directly related? release of endogenous ADP
What is the operating principle of a platelet aggregometer? change in optical density: as platelets aggregate, the optical density of the platelet-rich plasma decreases
What platelet aggregation agent characteristically yields a biphasic pattern when used in optimal concentration? epinephrine
Which therapeutic agent affects platelet function? aspirin
Apotent inhibitor of platelet aggregation released by endothelial cells is prostacyclin
what is the approximate normal mean platelet volume (MPV) expressed in femtoliters (fL)? 10
The platelet parameter PCW refers to the variation in cell size
What describes normal histograms showing platelet size distribution? right-skewed, single peak
For the performance of manuel platelet counts, what is the recommended type of microscopy? phase
20uL of blood are diluted in 1.98mL of diluent. This dilution is plated on both sides of a Neubauer-ruled counting chamber. 356 cells are seen when both large center squares are counted. What is the platelet count expressed as the number of cells/liter? 178 X 10^9/L
What size threshold range does the electrical impedance method use to count particules as platelets? 2-20fL
In storage pool diseases, lpatelets are primarily deficient in ADP
What is the specimen of choice for routine coagulation testing? 3.2% (1.109M) sodium citrate
The ratio of anticoagulant to blood for coagulation procedures should be 1 to 9.0
The liver is the site of synthesis of all the following EXCEPT a. Factor VIII b. Plasmingogen c. Protein C d. von Willebrand's factor d. von Willebrand's factor
When thrombin binds with thrombomodulin on the endothelial cell surface, thrombin can activate protein C
What is the coagulation fdactor that has a sex-linked recessive inheritance pattern? factor IX
What is associated with individuals having a Prekallikrein deficiency? can have thrombotic complications
A soybean extract is used in specimen collection tubes for fibrin degradation product (FDP) tests to prevent further fibrinogen degradation
The thrombin time will be prolonged in the presence of factor II deficiency
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