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5/20/13 WD2 SA

smart card a credit card that replaces the magnetic strop with an embedded chip for storing or processing data
password manager a software application you can use to store and manage multiple passwords
password generator an algorithm that receives input from a random pseudo-random number generator and automatically generates a password
X.509 The standard used by certificate authorities (CAs) for creating digital certificates
non-repudiation The security principle of providing proof that a transaction occurred between identified parties. repudiation occus when one party in a transaction denies that the transaction took place
password sniffing a method of intercepting the ransmission of a password during the authentication process. a sniffer is a program used to intercept passwords
Kerberos A proprietary key managment between unknown principals who want to communicate securely. uses symmetric algorithms and acts as a trusted third party that knows the identities of the organizations asking to communicate but does not reveal them
Created by: ash.sa2