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Google Essentials

Gigabyte 1000 byte
Terabyte 1000 gigabytes
Binary A 2 digit number system
Hyperlink A clickable link
Byte A collection of 8 bits
Cookie A piece of information stored in the computers browser.
Laptop A portable computer
Domain Name A unique name that identifies a website
Sharing Allowing others to view or edit your work
Program An application that runs on a computer
Internet An external network
Intranet An internal network
RAM Memory that is deleted when the computer is turned off
ROM Memory that is only read from ROM
Cloud Computing Storing dats and programs in a centralized location
Bandwidth The amount of data transfer
HTML The language that webpages are written
Processor The part of the computer that dos the work
Video card The part of the computer that relates to the graphics capabilities
1 or 0 Bit Smallest piece of computer information
Operating System The underlying software that runs the computer and various applications
Desktop The view on on your computer when you are not in a problem
Embed To incorporate code into a webpage
URL Uniform Resource Locator
Research Using resources to find information about a topic
Collaboration Working with others to complete a task
Created by: britlmerr