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English Crammation

Sweet Bird Of Youth & Streetcar Quotes

Boss "Hell, when I was fifteen, I come down barefoot from the red clay hills as if the Voice of God called me."
Heavenly "I felt worse than embarassed when I found out that Dr George Scudder's knife had cut the youth out of my body... I feel as though I ought to rattle like a dried up vine when the Gulf wind blows."
Alexandra? BLACKMAILED? "When monster meets monster, one monster has to give way, AND IT WILL NEVER BE ME."
Chance and Alexandra are actually quite similar "BEAUTY. Say it! What you had was beauty! I had it! I say it with pride, no matter how sad, being gone now."
Romanticism "The sun was behind her, I squinted. She had on a silky wet tank suit and fans of water and mist made rainbows about her..."
Ouch! Aunt Nonnie! "What you want to go back to is your clean, unashamed youth. And you can't"
Age "Princess, the age of some people can only be calculated by the level of - level of - rot in them, and by that measure I'm ancient."
Chance on time "It goes tick-tick, it's quieter than your heartbeat, but it's slow dynamite, a gradual explosion, blasting the world we live in to burnt out pieces."
Princess on herself We are two monsters... Out of the passion and torment of my existence I have created a thing that I can unveil, a sculpture, almost heroic..."
Princess on Chance "...But you? You've come back to the town you were born in, to a girl that won't see you because you put so much rot in her body she had to be gutted and hung on a butcher's hook."
END "I don't ask for your pity, just you understanding - not even that - just your recognition of me in you and the enemy, time in us all."
Stanley [hollering] Hey there! Stella! Baby! ... Catch! Catch what? Meat! [He heaves the package at her. She cries out in protest but manages to catch it: then she laughs breathlessly."
Blanche's appearence "Her appearence is incongruous to this setting. She is daintily dressed in a whit suit and fluffy bodice...Looking as if she were arriving at a summer tea, or cocktail party...Her delicate beauty must avoid strong light."
Moth "There is something about her uncertain manner, as well as her white clothes that suggests a moth."
The code In the state of Louisiana we have the Napoleonic code according to which what belongs to the wife belongs to the husband and vice versa...And I don't like to be swindled!"
Blanche to Stella - she's really not her own person I brought some nice clothes to meet all your lovely friends in I'm afraid you won't think they're lovely What are they like? They're Stanley's friends."
Blanche being powerful "The poor thing was out there listening to us and I have an idea she doesn't understand you as well as I do... Allright; now, Mr Kowalski, let us proceed without any more double talk. I'm ready to answer all questions. I've nothing to hide. What is it?"
Shep Huntleigh "Honey, would I be here if the man weren't married? [Stella laughs a little, Blanche suddenly springs up and crosses to the phone. She speaks Shrilly.]...[She grabs up a sheet of kleenex and an eyebrow pencil for writing equipment.]
Stanley is a beast "Thousands and Thousands of years have passed him by and there he is, Stanley Kowalski, survivor of the Stone Age!"
The Flamingo "The odour of cheap perfume is penetrating"
Soft wee Blanche "Soft people have got to... put on soft colours, the colours of butterfly wings, and glow - make a little - temporary magic just in order to pay for - one night's shelter..."
Soft people "Soft people have got to - shimmer, and glow - put a - paper lantern over the light... But I'm scared now - awf'ly scared. I don't know how much longer I can turn the trick."
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