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5/17/13 WD2 SA

Virus A malicious program that replicates itself on computer systems usually through executable software and causes irreparable system damage
worm A self replicating program or algorithm that consumes system resource
signature database in an anti-virus program a collection of viruses, worms and illicit applications that are listed as security threats
packet sniffing The use of protocol analyzer software to obtain sensitive info such as user names and passwords
replay attack an attack in which packets are obtained from the network host then reused
account lockout A legit practice in which a user account is automatically disabled after a certain number of failed authentication attempts
dictionary program a program specifically written to break into a password protected system. it has a relatively larger list of common password names that it repeatedly uses to gain access
illicit server an application that installs hidden services consist of client code ans sever code that enables the attacker to monitor and control the operation of the computer infected with the server code
digital signature An electronic stamp added to a message that uniquely identifies its source and verifies its contents at the time of the signature
Created by: ash.sa2