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ST210 FInal Review1

Liz ST210 Final Review (1)

50. The surgeon responsible for developing the first ventricular assist pump is DeBakey
51. The surgeon that performed the first heart transplant in the US is Cooley
52. The surgeon that performed the first totally artificial heart implant is Cooley
53. The father of microbiology, virology, and immunology is Pasteur
54. When does the intraoperative phase of surgical case management begin When the incision is made by the surgeon
55. According to Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, which of these is NOT a physiological need Safety (Food, Water, O2 are)
56. When operating on a healthy adult patient, the temp in the OR should be kept bt 65-75 Degrees
57. The guidelines concerning ___ precautions state blood and certain body fluids from all Pts should be considered potentially infectious for HIV, HBV, or other blood borne pathogens Universal
58. T/F - Studies have proven that laser plume contains water, carbonized particles, intact strands of DNA True
1.The interaction of drugs molecules with target cells that result in a biochemical and physiological action is called Pharmocodynamics
2. A nonproprietary name for a drug that is often a shortened version of the chemical name and may include a reference to the intended use is called the _____ name Generic
3. The route of medication that is placed between the cheek and the teeth until it is dissolved or absorbed is called Buccal
4. T/F - Drugs are classified according to their principle action, organ or body system affected, physiological action, or its therapeutic action True
5. A/An ______ response is an unavoidable effect or disease induced by pharmachological therapy. Iatrogenic
59. Lead aprons should be laid flat or hung on an apron rack to Prevent cracking of lead
60. Codeine is an ex of what drug classification Analgesic
61. During a craniotomy, the surgeon requests the Pt be given a diuretic to reduce the swelling on the brain. Which of the following meds would the circulator give to the surgeon Mannitol (NOT Atropine, Dig, and Oxytocic)
62. Which of the following is an ex of a medication used to enhance the effect of a local or regional anesthetic Epinephrine (NOT Atropine, Dipravan, Ketamine)
63. Sodium bicarbonate is used to Combat metabolic acidosis
64. The depolarizing medication used to produce total skeletal muscle relaxation is called Succinycholine
65. Microfibrillar collagen is considered what type of med Hemostatic
66. A (an) ___ interaction occurs when a drug enhances the effect of another substance Agonist
67. ___ is the time from administration to the actions before evident Onset
68. ___ is the time from during which the drug is at max effect Peak effect
69. Pulse oximetry involves the noninvasive assessment of the Hemoglobin saturation levels in arterial blood
70. What invasive method allows the anesthesia provider the ability to monitor BP Arterial Line
71. Codeine is an ex of what drug classification Analgesic
72. Given the focused and technical task of the OR, the team must struggle against the tendency to Lose sight of the Pt as a total person
73. Omission or commission of an act that is r/t normal Pt care is the most common cause of a charge of Negligence
74. Special populations have unique ___ and ___ needs Physical, Psychological
75. Which can be used to produce professional standards of conduct Professional membership association
76. In comparison with adults, pediatric Pts have little subcutaneous fat and therefore Have poor thermal insulation
77. Why neonates and infants are not usually catheterized High risk of trauma to the urethra
78. Septic shock is caused by Gram-neg bacteria
79. What is the initial sign of a postop infection Fever
80. If a pediatric Pt has a pneumothorax, there is an accumulation of air in the Pleural cavity
81. Pts who are obese weigh ___ pounds or more over their recommended wt 100
82. What is the number of air exchanges req to keep the amt of airborne contamination in the OR to a minimum 20
83. Which is used to bring the current create back to the ESU Grounding pad
84. A life threatening allergic reaction is an ___ reactions Anaphylactic
85. A drug given to treat MH (Malignant Hyperthermia) is Dantrolene
86. ___ is commonly used in the anesthetic setting to provide breath-by-breath analysis of expired CO2 Capnography
87. The class assigned to a Pt that is brain dead and undergoing an organ procurement is Class 6
88. Lidocaine has a Fast onset, Short duration
89. Stage 2 of anesthesia is referred to as the ___ stage Excitement
6. What medication might be used by the anesthesia provider to reduce anxiety in a patient Diazepam
7. Which of the following media might be used by a general surgeon when the need for a Intraoperative cholangiogram is required for a cholecystectomy. Hypaque
8. Which of the following is NOT a antibacterial medication Warfarin (Bactiracin, Gentamicin, Vancomycin are)
9. If a patient is to have their pregnancy induced, what medication could be given to induce contraction of the uterus Oxytocin (NOT Atropine, Diazepam, Papaverine)
10. Cricoid pressure involves placing pressure on the cricoid cartilage which pushes the esophagus against the _____ vertebrae Cervical
11. T/F - Laryngospasm or bronchospasm is seen in the lightly anesthetized patient True
12. T/F Induced hypothermia involves the artifical, deliberate lowering of the body's core temperature below normal limits True
90. Stage 3 of anesthesia is referred to as the ___ stage Surgical (Stage 1 Amnesia. Stage 2 Excitement. Stage 3 Surgical. Stage 4 Overdose)
91. The phase of anesthesia that begins with the Pt awake and ends when the Pt is asleep Induction (Phase 1 Induction., Phase 2 Maintenance. Phase 3 Emergence. Phase 4 Recovery)
92. The ASA code for a Pt that has little chance of survival Class 5
93. What is the control substance classification for high abuse potential and a current acceptable medicinal use 2
94. What is the control substance classification for relatively low abuse potential and a current acceptable medicinal use 4
95. What is the control substance classification for a substance that has a small amount of codeine 5
96. Sodium bicarbonate is used to To combat metabolic acidosis
97. T/F - A red line indicates the border bt restricted and unrestricted True
13. T/F - Hypertension results in a decrease in bleeding and overall blood loss while increasing visibility within the surgical field False
14. The _____ is an ultrasonic device used to identify and assess vascular status of peripheral arteries and veins by magnifying the sound of the blood moving through the vessel Doppler
15. The reason to perform a specific procedure or prescribe a certain drug Indication
16. The term used to describe behavior of a professional person's misconduct; in fact, a negligent act committed by surgical personnel is called : Malpractice
17. T/F - Defamation can be either written or an oral statement that damages a person's reputation or good name True
18. To obtain written permission for all invasive procedures is also called _____ consent. Informed
19. T/F - The law allows for implied consent in emergency situations when no other authorized persons may be contacted True
20. What is the mechanism for reporting incidents related to any adverse patient occurrence Incident Report
21. Any need or activity related to identification and understanding of one's place in an organized universe is defined as a ______ need Spiritual
22. Any need or activity related to one's identification or interaction with another individual or group is called a ______ need Social
23. Which is a series of operating rooms around a clean central core Racetrack
24. Which is NOT a restricted area PACU (Operaring Room, Decontamination room, and Utility room are)
25. Which is a restricted area Storage room (NOT Dressing rooms, Offices, or PACU)
26. T/F - An SSI is an infection acquired at the surgical site True
27. Which is closest to the operative field Mayo stand
28. T/F - The back table is for immediate necessary instruments False
29. These are for collection of soiled counted sponges Kick buckets
30.In the O.R. the humidity is set between 50%-55%
31. Which is NOT present in a sub sterile room Scrub sink (Blanket warmer, solution wamer, and autoclave are)
32. Which support service assists in monitoring blood gasses Laboratory
33. Which is NOT a requirement of an O.R. surface Shiny ( Smooth, fireproof, and Waterproof are)
34. The pathology department examines _____ Specimens
35. _____ provides a remedy in the form of an action for damages Tort
36. T/F A ring stand can be used in absence of a slush machine True
37. The two communication systems in the O.R. suite are Telephone and intercom
38. Which is NOT a restricted area Pre-op Holding (Storage room, anesthesia room, and supply room are)
39. Surgical pathology that threatens life or limb within a relatively short time period is defined as what type of surgical classification Emergent
40. Surgical intervention that does not have to be performed immediately or within a short period of time is classified as Elective
41. If a patient comes to the hospital and is diagnosed with a torn ligament and meniscus of the of the right knee, the surgical classifcation would be Elective
42. What is the general legal term that identifies an intentional act intended to make another person fearful Assault
43. What doctrine states that each person is responsible for his or her own tortuous conduct, even though others may be liable as well Personal liability
44. Given the nature of invasive procedures, which of the following is mandatory when seeking permission to perform the procedure Written and informed consent
45. What term defines what is good for the individual and for society and establishes the nature of duties that people owe themselves and one another Ethics
46. What was established in 1985 by AST to provide guidelines for surgical technologist Code of Ethics
47.What describes the task,functions and responsibilities of a position, within an organization Job descriptions
48. Most surgical technology programs are accredited through what organization CAAHEP
49. An integrated system developed by hospitals for the prevention and control of areas of potential liability is called Risk management
98. What is the proper position for an abdominal hysterectomy Supine (NOT Lithotomy because it's not a vaginal)
Created by: elizabeth-mcw
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