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Odyssey Part 1 Regul

Odyssey Part 1 vocabulary regular

formidable tending to inspire awe or wonder
ravage to commit destructive acts or wreak havoc
profusion lavish with great quantity
sage wise with experience
adversary one that opposes or resists
stealth the act of proceeding secretly
rancor deep-seated ill will
abominably worthy of disgust; disagreeable or unpleasant
ardor extreme vigor or energy
tumult an uproar or confusion; chaos
adversities a state contrary to ones well-being ex. peer pressure
disdainful too proud, scornful, and contemptuous
revelry partying and merrymaking
restitution the act of restoring the condition or returning the favor
glowered to stare in an angry manner
lavished to bestow with a profusion of gifts
aloof distant physically and emotionally
pliant able to bend freely or easiy influenced
tremulous scared, fearful, trembling
Created by: thelton