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BUS 260 Final

The Robinson-Patman Act makes it un;awful for a purchaser to receive the benefit of an actual discrimination in price true
Tying agreements are illegal per se False
The FTC may issue regulations for an entire industry true
The passage of time per se in no barrier to a court requiring the divesture of stock acquired in (word) of Section 7 Of the Clayton Act and the violations are to be measured at time of sold rather than at time of acquisition false
There was a merger between 2nd largest can producer and 3rd largest glass jar producer. There merger is not a violation of section 7 of the Clayton Act false
A charge of price fixing can be defended against if the prices are not unreasonable under the "rule of reason" defense false
Six major film distributors when selling films to television stations have a block-booking requirement. such contracts may be enjoined as violations of the antitrust laws true
Interlocking directorates are attacked under section 8 of Clayton Act rather than under the Sherman Act true
The FTC used a test for judging the credibility of an advertisement called the "fool test" true
A change of price fixing can be defended against if the prices are lower than they were before false
A "cease and desist" order has the same effect as an injunction true
State workers' compensation statues provide for payments for a stated period to workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own false
"bait and switch" refers to an advertisement that fails to disclose that a "mock-up" is used false
The Federal Trade Commission Act was passed the same year as the Clayton Act true
Persons injured by a violation of the antitrust laws may recover three times their actual damages in an action against the violating corporation true
Mergers are generally attacked under Section 7 of the Clayton Act rather than under the Sherman Act true
In many Section 7 Clayton Act cases, the definition of the products market may decide the outcome of the case true
It is deceptive practice for a seller to state falsely that a product ordinarily sells for an inflated price but that is being offered at a special reduced price even if the offered price represents the actual value of the product true
Arbitration involves the Intervention of a third party in an attempt to reconcile or settle a dispute without the power to compel acceptance of any proposed settlement false
A "consent order" means that a business has the FTC consent to engage in sales false
In a highly concentrated industry, a horizontal acquisition by a larger company will usually be held to violate Section 7 of the Clayton Act true
in many Section 7 Clayton Act cases, the definition of the geographic market may decide the outcome of the case true
A pure conglomerate merger is one in which there are no economic relationships between the merging an the merged firms true
"yellow-dog" contracts are those which require management to hire exclusively union help false
under modern state laws, an employer can be held liable for injuries his employees sustain even if the employer is not at fault in any way. true
if a persons injured by a violation of the antitrust laws may recover only their actual damages in an action against the violating corporation false
The FTC can stop a illegal business in its incipiency true
The agency or agencies that can enter a "cease and desist order is the: Federal Trade Commission
Price discrimination is defined as: charging two people different prices for the same product
Labor unions are: completely exempt from the antitrust laws
An interlocking directorate is specifically prohibited by the: Clayton Act
the Act that required certain businesses to keep record of the hours worked per week by employees and the ages paid them is the: Fair Labor Standards Act
The major defense to charge of price discrimination are: 3 of the above (good faith meeting of a competition, changing conditions, cost savings)
The act was designed to return the control of unions to their members and made embezzlement of union funds a Federal crime was the: None of the Above
the tort law area that most adequately describes Workers' Compensation) is: Strict Liability
The common law defenses (which are no lover available under Workers' Compensation) invoked by employers to avoid liability for injuries sustained by their employees are: 3 of the above (assumption of risk. contributory negligence, fellow servant doctrine)
Which of the following are legal sanctions provided for a violations of the Sherman Act? 3 of the above (Criminal fine or imprisonment, injunction, treble damages)
The Act that provided for a court injunction for an 80 day "cooling-off period" in certain labor disputes is the: taft-hartley Act
Which of the following are employer practices defined by the Wagner Act to be unfair to labor? Yellow dog contracts
A mock-up is not allowed to be used in an advertisement if: 2 of the above (the test is not conducted as claimed, it is represented as actual proof of the claim
Which of the following would be considered tying contracts? 2 of the above
the difference between mediation and arbitration is that: with one, a decision is rendered by a disinterested party; with the other, no decision is rendered by the disinterested party
Which of the following is illegal per se? Price fixing
Workers' compensation is primarily designed for the benefit of: Employees
the statute that contributed the most to union growth is: Wagner Act
the Act the prohibits tying contracts is the: None of the above
Created by: Thomas.Siu
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