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The Crucible16

Crucible Character Essay Cards

'Crucible' theme point 2 Form-Heat of tension building/hysteria in Act 1 'frantic terror' 'quaking' 'scrambling'
'Crucible' theme point 3 Structure-The impurity and tension of the affair Abby is 'soiled' 'i have a sense for heat John' 'Burning in your lonliness' Climax affair coming out 'Proctor leaps at Abigail'
courage theme point 1 Language-Giles 'so he stand mute and died a christian under law' 'he gave them but two words: 'more weight'
courage theme point 2 Structure-Proctor 'I can, and there's your first marvel, that i can' 'i do think i see some shred of goodness in John Proctor' 'let you fear nothing' 'it is pride, it is vanity'
courage theme point 3 Form-Mary Warren 'don't touch me! you're the devil's man!' 'she rushes to Abigail' 'what a grand, peeping courage you have!'
reputation theme point 1 Structure-Proctor 'a man will not cast away his good name' 'because it is my name!' 'she only thought to save my name' 'God forbid i take it from him'
reputation theme point 2 Language-Parris 'if you trafficked with spirits in the forest then i must know it for surely my enemies will and they will ruin me with it' 'oh abigail, what proper payment for my charity! Now i am undone'
reputation theme point 3 Form-Abigail 'i am a good girl! i am a proper girl!' 'i'll not have such looks' 'there be no blush about my name' 'a confidential, wicked air'
mr putnam point 1 language-exercises control over Parris 'i am sick of meetings; cannot a man turn his head without he have a meeting' 'you will proceed to look for signs of witchcraft'
mr putnam point 2 stucture-he initiates the witchcraft trials with his wife bullies tituba into accusing people, seen mostly in act 1 then retreats for rest of play to watch enemies be hanged 'did you ever see sarah good with him?'
mr putnam point 3 form-he has personal grievances against others 'a well to do hard handed land owner' 'a deeply embittered man' 'a man of personal grievances' can read script to learn about real putnam
mrs putnam point 1 language-she strongly believes the devil is at work in salem 'it is a marvel. it is surely a stroke of hell.' 'horns' 'hoof' 'with viscious certainty' 'it is a marvellous sign mr parris.'
mrs putnam point 2 structure-she initiates the trials with her husband she only appears in the firts act, and we hear that she charges rebecca for ' the marvellous and supernatural murder of mrs putnam's babies'
mrs putnam point 3 she is bitter abou the loss of her 7 babies 'a twisted soul of forty-five, a death ridden woman haunted by dreams.' only person we know was involved in witchcraft
Elizabeth point 1 language-theme of religion 'i am a convenanted christian woman' 'softly singing' 'that woman will never lie' 'let none be your judge'
Elizabeth point 2 form-theme of forgiveness 'you forget nothing and forgive nothing' 'your justice would freeze beer' 'cold' 'an everlasting funeral marches around your heart'
Elizabeth point 3 structure-theme of separation together but distant: 'that's well.' 'it must be.' they 'watch' eachother apart but together: 'suspiscion kissed you when i did' 'it needs a cold wife to prompt lectury' 'he have his goodness now'
mary warren point 1 language-theme of religion 'i cannot lie no more. i am with God, i am with God.' 'devil', 'sport'= easily influenced by Abby and Parris
mary warren point 2 structure-theme of betrayal 'don't touch me...i love God' 'i'll not hang with you' before: 'mr proctor' now: 'you
mary warren point 3 form-theme of power 'it's God's work we do'/'weighty'/'i'll not stand whipping anymore' 'the devil's lose in salem mr proctor, we must discover where he's hiding.' 'i never knew it before' 'whole world cried spirits!' 'searching'
Danforth point 1 form-theme of power 'an exact loyalty to his position' 'do you know who i am?' 'raises a hand' 'this is the highest court of the supreme government of this province'
Danforth point 2 language-theme of repression 'you will confess yourself or you will hang' 'while i speak God's law, i will not crack its vooice with whimpering'
Danforth point 3 structure-theme of hypocrisy 'i should hang ten thousand that dared the rise against the law.' 'God damns all liars'
Hale point 1 language-he believes it's withcraft 'eager-eyed, intellectual' 'they are weighted with authority' 'i know that when we bind ourselves to hell it is very hard to break'
Hale point 2 form-he speculates about the truth of withcraft 'it is his own suspicion but he resists it' 'in a fever of guilt and uncertainty' 'i shall pray God open up our eyes'
Hale point 3 structure-he realises the accusations are false 'i dare not take a life without there be proof so immaculate no slightest qualm of conscience may doubt it' 'this girl has always struck me as false!' 'i quit this court!' -how power has changed
Rebecca Nurse point 1 language-Brave&honest 'it is a lie, it is a lie, how may i damn myself? i cannot.'
Rebecca Nurse point 2 form-Powerful 'the general opinion of her character was so high' 'through his teeth, his face turned from Rebecca'
Rebecca Nurse point 3 structure-Holy/religious 'let us go to God for the cause of it.' 'let you fear nothing, another judgement awaits us'
'Crucible' theme point 1 Language-Extracting confessions from people 'we burn a hot fire here; it melts down all concealment' 'the pure in heart need no lawyers' 'you are God's instrument put in our hands to discover the Devil's agents among us' 'it is a providence the thing is out now.'
Created by: Maddie16



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